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FUZADEL Floating Globes Levitating Globes Levitation Floating Globe Rotating Magnetic World Map Colorful LED Lamp

  • S072KWOJS5
  • 1.25 Pounds
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Product Description:

    Levitation Floating Globe, Creative high-tech gadget that gains favor in people of all ages,Perfect desk decoration for home and office,

    NICE GIFT,The Floating Globe would great on your work desk, side table,school room .And also a great gift that will surprise your guest and friends,

    childrens, colleagues, even your boss.The Floating Globe is suspended in mid-air by magnetic technology & Rotates 360 degree while hanging in the air.

    The Globe is 3.5-inch in diameter, It is easy to operate it. Normally this operation can be done within 30 seconds.

    This Magnetic Levitation Floating Globe works with an electromagnet and computerized sensor hidden in its display stand causing it to levitate motionlessly in the air.

    Additionally, it features a colorful LED light that makes it look very cool when turned on in the dark. You can pass your hand around it without disturbing its magnetic field.

    It is simple to install. Once you get the gadget levitating, just give it a little spin with your and watch it rotate for an extended period of time.

    Main Features:

    Floats on electrically active magnetic field.

    Made with advanced magnetic levitation technology. Operated by an electronically controlled magnetic system.

    The magnetic above the gadget contains an electro magnet and a magnetic field sensor.

    The base contains a micro-processor and the electronic control components that make the gadget levitate.

    Warm Notes:

    Make sure unit is installed on a flat surface.

    Powerful magnet! Please keep this item at least 20cm away from computer devices and other electronic devices.

    People with pacemakers should not come into contact with the device.

  • Magnetic levitating globe,air suspension, Floats on electrically active magnetic field.Made with advanced magnetic levitation technology.Operated by an electronically controlled magnetic system,advertising impressions,Equipped with LED lights on the circular frame, In the evening, the lights Irradiate the smooth surface of the globe, it is very pretty.
  • Levitating globe,Easy to set up just at the turn on light or else it won t work.The magnetic above the gadget contains an electro magnet and a magnetic field sensor.The base contains a micro-processor and the electronic control components that make the gadget levitate. Suitable for gifts to children and home or office décor.
  • When floating globe LED lights on. There is strong magnet between globe and the top of the arch. Please follow the instructions set up the would be popular around by kids and young really cool and fancy in your living room or office, this would be a good decoration idea!
  • Magnetic levitation globe,A good desk decoration,Floating and rotating in midair, floating Globe size:3.5 inches,Package Dimensions: 11.142 x 9.055 x 4.134 inches Unit Weight: 1.27 pounds
  • Levitating globe, A freaking gravity-defying wonder levitating globe ,Features with colorful LED light for decoration, light up your life.This cool gadget makes a great display unit for your retail shop, business and home.Gifts for all. All items we promise money back within 30 days and quality warranty.'s Advice
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