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AMRIU GF-879 Micro Butane Torch Lighter, Refillable Kitchen Blow Torch with Safety Lock & Adjustable Flame for Creme Brulee, Meat, Seafood BBQ and Baking

  • S077IW6KZG
  • 0.83 Pounds
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PKR 6162
Important : This product will take 3 to 4 weeks to delivery at your doorstep.

Product Description:

    1.Please read all instructions and warnings before using this torch.
    2.To fill the gas tank,turn the unit upside down and push the tip of the fuel can into the filling valve. The tank should fill completely in about ten seconds.Once full, let torch rest for a few minutes before lighting.
    3.To ignite the torch, first aligh the Air Control valve with hole. Then turn the Gas flow regulator counter-clockwise.Press the lgnition button and don t release, flame burning.Keep pressing Safe lock to the left,then release the lgnition Button, the flame will keep burning.
    4.Turn the Gas flow regulator clockwise to the end when finish using it.

    1.DO NOT touch flame nozzle while in use, or until sufficient has passed for cooling.
    2.DO NOT immerse heated parts or items in water,allow to cool naturally.
    3.Keep away from eyes at all times.Keep ort of reach of children.
    5.Use ONLY butane gas in this torch.DO NOT unscrew the valve in the base.
    7.DO NOT store at a temperature exceeding 40°C for a long time.
    8.The flame is nearly invisible in bright light or sunlight. Make sure the gas flow is turned off when not in use.Use after filling in 10 minutes.

  • Built-in ignition system.Professional cooking torch for all cooking needs .
  • SAFETY COOKING BLOW TORCH EASY TO USE - This butane torch desgin with security lock to prevent against from accident ignition, please lock the kitchen torch after used and keep out of reach of child.
  • Adjustable Kitchen Blow Torch: Allowing you to choose the different flame according to your requirement.
  • Note: the gas gun fire need to fill the gas fuel to use. For product transportation and safety considerations, prior to delivery of the goods suppliers will put the gas inside the drain off, so then customers buy need to fill their gas to use.
  • Professional cooking torch for all cooking needs. Become a professional Chef and make Creme Brulee and other fine foods to impress and make for friends and family. Perfect for caramelizing sugar atop your creme brulee, glazing a baked ham for the holidays, searing a steak, roasting bell peppers, melting cheese and toasting bread crumbs.'s Advice
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