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 The Benefits of Biotin Vitamin

Vitamin B7 is basically part of vitamin B complex that is needed for healthy metabolism, ardiovascular functions, nerve and digestive. It helps you in young, interactive and healthy look and sometimes known as its nickname “H” that is hair and skin. Vitamin B7 mainly used in cosmetics and other beauty products. It is mostly available in green vegetables naturally. 
It is concluded by National Academy of Science’s Institute of Medicine that you need Biotin on daily basis like; for infant it is 5 micrograms, 25 micrograms for adolescents, 35 milligrams for women who are breastfeeding and 30 milligrams for pregnant women. 
Deficiency of biotin can cause drastic changes such as; dry irritated skin, chronic fatigue, muscle aches, intestinal tract issues, cramps, cognitive impairments and others. There are supplements of biotin that allow you to use them and overcome the deficiency of biotin such as; vitamin B6, vitamin B2 riboflavin, vitamin B12 and vitamin B3 niacin.
Biotin has a great number of health benefits. From them here are the most important and are crucial such as; supports healthy metabolism, maintains healthy hair, skin and nails, build and repair muscles tissues, supports thyroid and adrenal functions, healthy cardiovascular system, protect brain functions and others.
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