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5 Tricks to get rid of blackheads

5 Tricks to get rid of blackheads

5 Tricks to get rid of blackheadsWe have to face dust and air pollution on daily basis that may causes severe skin problems like infections, skin allergy and many others. Blackheads are one from them that mostly girls have to face these summer days. These black heads make your look bad and untimely affect your confidence. Read More

Best tip to stay cool in Summer

7-18-2021 5-45-42 PMEvery year from May to August there is hot outside like hell in Pakistan. You couldn’t avoid fulfilling your daily tasks as it’s difficult to overcome. Everyone remain behind the blinds, curtains and shades. So you can combat with summer by using Air Conditioner while in home or in office but that may not be affordable and best for health for some people so here are Read More

How to Choose Right Bra

How to Choose Right Bra?

How to Choose Right BraWell fitted bra is the most comfortable. For the perfect look the bra must go with your outfit and to life you up. The beauty of a woman is combined with various elements. Many kinds and shapes of sexy  bra are available in market t choose the best from. Nighty, lingerie and bra matter a lot for girl.  Everyone has different body shape so Read More

How to Choose Right Hair Dryer

How to Choose Right Hair Dryer?

How to Choose Right Hair DryerIn order to select the right hair dryer you must know about them first. It is important to save your hair from damage. Right selected hair dryer will improve your experience.  It is not very difficult to choose the right hair dryer. The loud noise and heat is not easy to bear about the hair dryer. Many renowned hair Read More

How to Choose Right Eyebrow Color

How to Choose Right Eyebrow Color?

How to Choose Right Eyebrow ColorPicking the right color pencil for the eyebrow color can enhance the beauty. Always use soft and natural shades for giving shape to the eyebrow. Match the eyebrow pencil color with the color of your natural hair. Wrong used color can completely destroy your makeup and beauty. Light shaded seems as no touch to the eyebrows. You need right eyebrow tools. The brow must be bold and gorgeous that helps you communicate confidently. Read More

How to choose Foundation

How To Choose Makeup Foundation?

How to choose Foundation Perfect base or foundation is the first step towards perfect makeup. Skin looks flawless with the best foundation while only a few women choose the right foundation for them. Especially the beginners need to learn about the foundations to get to know the beauty basics. Finding the best and the right foundation for your skin is the first step. Determine your skin type and shade first; before you select the base shade for you. You may have to mix two colors to make a perfect foundation for you sometimes. Right shade is all the game with quality makeup brush. The most common tones for foundation are pink, blush, yellow, neutral or brown. Read More

How to Choose Best Concealer ?

You cannot use just onePicking the right shade of concealer is more difficult than to apply the concealer. You can transform your skin tone with the right concealer you select for you. Cover up your dark circles, spots and marks dramatically with the concealer that seemingly wipe the marks from your face. Choosing a suitable concealer for your skin type is important for the best makeup. Different types of concealers are Read More