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Face Powder

Best Face Powder in Pakistan

Face PowderThe Universal makeup finishing and setting cosmetic product is the face powder. Face Powder is applied to face for foundation setting. Face Powder also minimizes the shine that may cause by oily skin. Face Powders are come in two forms, translucent and skin pigmented powder. The Pigmented Face Powder can be applied alone for even appearance and matte finish look of skin. Face Powder also contains the sun screen agent that protects the skin from UV radiation of sunlight and from other environmental stress. Read More

Facial Creams

Best Facial Creams in Pakistan

Facial CreamsEveryone want the healthy and flawless natural skin and it is not just obtain with keeping the skin clean; there is some skin care product that help the skin to stay healthy and smooth, that product is face creams. The correct facial cream makes a big difference in maintenance of healthy skin. Various variety of creams are available here that are made for different skin types and for different skin concerns. The facial creams should be fragrance free, paraben free, sulfate free and hypoallergenic. Read More

Face Foundation Primers

Best Face Foundation Primers in Pakistan

Face Foundation PrimersThere is always a question rose by beginners; is foundation primer important to use always before foundation application or not; why do Foundation primer is needed?  It has been become the compulsory part of every girl’s makeup bag when they got the answer of this question. If you have same question then this article will give all the answers to your question.

Foundation Primer is the integral part of cosmetics box that help the face to become smooth and set the skin for makeup application. Read More

Face Blush

Best Blush for Your Face Available in Pakistan

Face BlushBlush is the most effective cosmetic product which could change the whole look with just a pinch of blush. The younger, healthier and dewier look is the most desired by every woman, simultaneously, it is the most confusing and tricky for many blush users. Here is the way to get the surprisingly versatile and super flattering look by working according to your shape of face, skin complexion and life style. Read More

Bronzers and Highlighter

Best Bronzers and Highlighter in Pakistan

Bronzers and HighlighterContoured and slim face is the most demanding look in this era of fashion. For providing tan and brightness on face, Bronzers and highlighters are used. Bronzers are used to give the tanned and glowing skin in one touch. Bronzer complements the blush and illuminators. Bronzers give the shadowing effect on direct sun hit areas of face like forehead, cheeks and nose. To complement the Bronzer and the tanning effect on face, highlighter should be use with bronzer. Read More

henna tattoo

Henna(حِنَّاء‎) Trend in Pakistan Fashion Industry

henna tattoo

Henna (حِنَّاء‎) is the natural dye which is made or extracted from the henna tree. The smell of henna is so refreshing and distinct that no woman can refuse to use this cosmetic product. Dried Henna tree leaves grinded in powder or paste, this process extracted the special dying element from henna leaves that is Lawsone. When henna is applied on hairs or skin or nail with Henna stencils, the Lawsone gets combine with the protein of the skin and leave the stain. Read More

Blotting Paper

Blotting Paper for Oily Skin available in Pakistan

Blotting PaperAre you familiar with the blotting paper? If no, then this article will help you. Blotting paper is the important cosmetic tool which should be present in your bag. Blotting paper is the special type of paper with absorbent property. As the blotting paper is the great absorber of oil or sweat, it becomes the most important item in bag especially in summer day. Blotting Papers are the portable sheets; you can carry it with you during any travelling. Blotting paper can remove the oil and sweat without affecting shine and smudging off the makeup. Blotting Paper contains the Polypropylene (the super absorber) and Mineral Oil (nourish the skin). Read More

lips liner

Best Lip Liners Available in Pakistan

lips linerLip liner is the classic cosmetic product for lips which outline the edges of lips to give defined shape. Lip liner keeps the lipstick inside the lip area while keep it smooth and contrasting. Lip Liners are comes in pencils which could be sharp for drawing clean lip outline. Lip Liners are available in different colors which can be chosen according to the lipstick shade. Lip Liners or lip Pencil colors vary from light peach, pink, and orange to bright red, plum, brown etc. Lip Liners are also available in nude colors to give natural lip color. Invisible Lip Liners are also found to give illusion of smooth lips without give any synthetic color to lips. Read More

Lip Plumpers in Pakistan

Do Lip Plumpers Actually Work?

Lip Plumpers in PakistanLip enhancement has been taken the industry of beauty and that bigger pout becomes the trendiest look for every girl.  Earlier, this enhancement procedure was so painful by the use of pointed needles, used for magnifying the pout. Injectables are really expensive. Then an alternative comes as lip plumbing tools and products.

The lip Plumping tools include the plastic suction caps which is used to enhance the lip line and added the volume to your lips to get desired look. The better result can be obtained by following these steps to use lip plumping tools. Wet your lips and surroundings as the wet area provide better suction. Read More