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Get ready for the “Bakra Eid”

Get ready for the “Bakra Eid”

Get ready for the “Bakra Eid”Bakra Eid is just a few days away. Your preparation for Eid must be on peak these days. There are a few things that you must need on this festival for you. If you are forgetting anything in your Eid special collection you can have that now as it is the time. Read More

How to Choose Running Shoes

How to Choose Running Shoes?

How to Choose Running ShoesWhen you wear running shoes at shoe store it may feel comfortable but while running they are biting your feet. When you realize that the running shoes are different from your running style it is really bothering. They must be of the shape of your feet. Different kinds of soles are used for normal, flat and high arched foot. Running shoes must have the sole Read More

How to Choose Right Hair Color

How to Choose Right Hair Color?

How to Choose Right Hair ColorConfused about the perfect hair color and hair dye for you? You can take the guide from this article to select the right shade of the best brand for you. With the range of choices you may be over whelmed or not be able to decide what you should have. Hair color must not make you look odd.   Read More

How people judge others?

PersonalityWe are continuously judging others in our daily routine. Here we are discussing about the appearance of the people that matters a lot as it cast the first impression. You must know that first impression is ever lasting impression. Although it is not the right way to judge others; but still appearance matters. It is the outer shell of the actual personality. People judge others for what the person is wearing, or carrying. It is also fact that external appearance shows some psychological aspects of the personality. Read More

Pakistan in Rio Olympics 2016

Pakistan in Rio Olympics 2024

Pakistan in Rio Olympics 2021The International Olympic Committee multi sports event Summer Olympics 2021 is here. With the grand and magnificent opening of the event the games started on 5th of August 2021.
Rich in Brazilian culture and heritage the ceremony was full of joyous
movements. Summer Olympics 2021 features 28 sports, 41 disciplines Read More