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No matter what is the nature of your work, a gentleman always ties a classy necktie at work. Neckties are considered as the formal men clothing accessory which gives the finishing look to a gentleman’s personality but this is not fully true in this fashion era. Different styles of ties add a dose of class and elegancy in your formal, casual, party or work event look. If you are wandering elegant piece of tie but get overwhelmed with the collection of imported quality men’s ties in Pakistan then follow this article. We have covered the all neckties dilemmas which a tie buyer face during high quality men’s ties online shopping in Pakistan.

  1. Trendy Designs of men’s ties
  2. The Best Fabric of Men’s Ties
  3. How to Select Tie Size
  4. How to Tie the Tie
  5. Ties’ Additional Accessories
  6. Best Brands of Men’s Ties in Pakistan
  7. Best Men’s Ties in Pakistan


  1. Trendy Designs of Men’s Ties:
  • Stripped neckties are classical design of men’s ties in Pakistan. Narrow or widen slanting lines and strips are printed or woven on ties which can be choose according to dress shirt color. Silk striped ties would be perfect choice for your business event or formal dinner.
  • Silk ties are the durable and elegant type of men’s tie. The silk neckties in Pakistan are available in variety of designs such as silk plaid ties, floral silk ties, polka dots silk ties, stripped silk ties and more. Silk ties will drape easily so you can tie silk ties in multiple type of knots. Silk ties are perfect to tie in special occasion, formal parties and dinner.
  • Knit tie are usually available in a design of skinny ties. The clean knitted pattern of tie transform the simple look into classy. Youngsters mostly love to pair the knit tie with jean and simple dress shirt.
  • Plaid ties are the most formal neckties for men and they are typically dedicated for business formal look. There are many companies where tie are staple rule so plaid ties are suitable for those offices. Plaid ties can suit the best on almost every color of shirt. You can pick the best designs of plaid ties in Pakistan from Amazon imported men’s ties online shopping in Pakistan.
  • Bowties are the best alternative of typical neckties for men. You can wear it in various events from night parties to business events. Best bowties make the overall look classy and fashionable.
  • Bolo ties are the new addition in the fashion of men’s ties in Pakistan. It has pendant buckle and tightening strings. Vintage, antique and artistic bolo ties for men are available through Amazon imported men’s ties online shopping in Pakistan.
  • Skinny ties replace the typical broad cut men’s ties. It is thin in shape and simple in design. You can tie it in multiple styles of knots and excels your formal look.
  • Printed ties are available in many fabrics and designs. The trendy printed ties are floral printed ties, vintage ties, polka dots printed ties, and more.

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  1. The Best Fabric of Men’s Ties:

The quality of neckties all depends on the fabric of tie. Ties usually made from number of materials such as silk, cotton, linen, cashmere, wool and synthetic blend of different fabrics.

  • Silk fabric is considered as the most durable and soft textured fabric. It adds the shine and elegance in simple designed ties. Silk ties are the best for everyday classy look.
  • Cotton ties are the comfortable ties for summer. Cotton is light in weight and cool in look. You can wear it in multiple functions and environments.
  • Linen ties are fall under the cotton ties category. It would be perfect pick for summer days in office.
  • Cashmere ties or wool ties are the best choice for winter days. Cashmere ties can replace sheen of silk ties where as wool ties can be best men’s ties for winter season because it adds the touch of coziness.
  1. How to Select Tie Size:

Tie size includes the length and width of ties. The length of ties varies from brand to brand but the standard length is around 57″-58″. When tying the men’s tie, the wearer should keep the tie at the same height as the upper edge of belt.

Width of the tie should be according to your shirt’s lapel. If you have slim lapel then you should choose the normal 2.75″ wide tie and if you have normal lapel then the men’s tie with 3.25″ width is the perfect.

  1. How to Tie the Tie (Tie knots):

As there are many types and styles of men’s tie so they can be tied in number of ways such as Windsor knot, simple knot, bow knot, four in hand knot, and double knot Windsor. Here we give the detail instruction to fasten the tie in simple oriented knot.

  1. Position the tie around your neck
  2. Cross both ends of tie. Remember wider end should be over narrower end.
  3. Move wide end under the loop and pull it across again.
  4. Bring the wide end in the center and pass it through the loop of knot.
  5. Pull the thinner end downward and push the knot upward to tighten the knot.
  6. Hide the tie loop under your shirt collar and adjust the fitting of knot.
  7. You can wear the tie clip to enhance the class and elegance of formal look.

Watch visual instruction for tying the tie in a simple knot.

  1. Ties Additional Accessories:

Tie clips: Tie clips are not only a tie ornament but it keeps the tie in its place and prevents it from wavering. You can keep your tie straight and neat with simple and stylish tie clips. You can find tie clips in black, gold and silver colors. Tie clip and cufflinks sets are also available at reasonable price to keep your overall dressing classy.

Shirt studs: Shirt studs can be fastened onto the shirt’s button holes. Shirt studs usually come in a set having matching cufflinks. You are wearing bowtie and you are going for a night party then you should wear elegant set of shirt studs, and cufflinks. You can find high quality and branded men’s cufflinks from Amazon imported tie accessories online shopping in Pakistan.

Cufflinks: Cufflinks are not just for cuffs fastening but it enhances the overall look of your shirts. Stylish and elegant pair of cufflinks with same designed tie clip is all that a gentleman needs. You can find best brands of cufflinks from Amazon men’s tie online shopping in Pakistan.

  1. Best Brands of Men’s Ties in Pakistan:



The Best Men’s Ties In Pakistan:

  • Calvin Klein Men’s Tie
  • Star Wars Men’s Ties
  • Origin Ties Men’s Ties
  • Alexander Men’s Tie
  • Scott Allan Men’s Striped Necktie


  1. Calvin Klein Men’s Tie:

The one of the top brands of men’s ties in Pakistan have elegant design of silk tie for men. The micro dots on tie and dark base color is the best combination. This Calvin Klein men’s tie would look more elegant on solid color shirt or simple white or black shirt. You can find imported quality men’s ties price in Pakistan through Amazon men’s ties online shopping in Pakistan.

Calvin Klein Men's Steel Micro Solid A Tie

Calvin Klein Men’s Steel Micro Solid A Tie

  1. Star Wars Men’s Ties:

It is the one of the bestselling men’s ties in Pakistan as it has gallant design of star wars. It has just optimum length and width so you can fasten in any type of knot. Star Wars ties for men are available in 4 colors such as black, navy blue, grey and burgundy. Find the best branded men’s ties price in Pakistan and get the experience of shopping Amazon men’s ties online in Pakistan.

Star Wars Men's Lightsaber Duel Tie

Star Wars Men’s Lightsaber Duel Tie

  1. Origin Ties Men’s Ties:

It is the best men plaid ties in Pakistan which keep your look bold and classy with an extra touch of elegancy. The black and white checked pattern and high quality fabric are the remarkable features of Origin ties. Explore the collection of Amazon quality men’s ties and buy men’s ties via online shopping in Pakistan.

Origin Ties Fashion Gingham Plaid Men's Silk Skinny Tie

Origin Ties Fashion Gingham Plaid Men’s Silk Skinny Tie

  1. Alexander Men’s Tie:

If you are searching solid colored or jet black colored men’s tie online in Pakistan then this tie would be the perfect pick from your side. The satin texture and luxurious feeling is offered by this imported quality men’s ties in Pakistan. It would be the best formal tie to be worn on business meetings and formal events. Pick men tie at reasonable price and buy them from Amazon imported men’s ties online shopping in Pakistan.

Black New Mens Solid Color Black Ties

Black New Mens Solid Color Black Ties

  1. Scott Allan Men’s Striped Necktie:

Scott Allan has best range of men’s neckties which are manufactured with premium quality fabric. The ties can dress so smoothly that you can tie it in any type of knot without any untidy look. The elegant striped design makes your formal look sophisticated and classic. It will look remarkably well on proper three piece suite. Pick it any soothing or vibrant color and buy it from Amazon men’s ties online shopping in Pakistan.

Scott Allan Mens Striped Necktie

Scott Allan Mens Striped Necktie

Featured brands of men’s ties in Pakistan also offer the sets of formal types with matching handkerchief and cufflinks at reasonable price. You can choose and buy men neckties from the array of Amazon men ties through online shopping in Pakistan. You will get the product straight at your doorstep in the best delivery time, anywhere in Pakistan with astounding facility of cash on delivery.