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What sort of toys kids likes now?

toysIt is a known fact that toddlers learn by exploring things and similarly, playing helps the children to develop multiple skills. If you visit a toy shop, you will find numerous varieties of toys from cars, Kids Learning and Education Toys, puzzles to video games. It seems very complicated to select a toy that is creative yet attractive. It’s incredible to watch how a child grasps a concept at a young age and to build creativity among child’s arts, crafts and music are very essential.

Play provides children the ability to perform new talent over and again. Toys develop the possibility of logical thinking in children’s and also assist them to become constant problem solver. It was expected that children would love to play with puzzles, drawing books, stuff toy, blocks but these days touch screen has replaced all the other toys from cars to puzzles to video games. Most the top rated toys companies/brands e.g. Monster high, Disney Frozen, Disney Princess, LEGO, NERF, Minecraft, Hot Wheels, LeapFrog, Fisher Price, wwe etc doing their best to provide useful entertainment to kids.


Touchscreen tablets and mobiles are prominent among the children because they prefer to play different types of games on them. According to the survey, it was reported that about 60% of the parents declare that their child love to use touch screen as compared to other available toys. Touch screen exceeds from dolls, board games, and other conventional toys. Experts claimed that in these days the fame of touch screen is at the peak, and it seems to be more revolutionized with the passage of time.


It is also motivating to note that if someone is interested in mental and creative development of his child then physical play provide could be the best source of it. Playing with muck and splatter water may be untidy, but it help to understand that how the world works. Different types of games puzzle, helpful activities are available on computer, but children prefer smartphones and tablets as they feel quite attractive to them.

According to the survey in 2011-2013, the use of smartphones has increased from 52 percent to 75 percent. It is evident that parents are also more liable to provide the touch screen devices to their kids. The changing trend of child’s from traditional toys to smartphones and tablets means that most of the parents consider touch screen devices as a replacement of toys. The attractiveness of these touch screen devices is that they respond immediately to the action. Children enjoy moving game characters by touching the screen.


Another important aspect that has to be kept in mind is that spending more time on smartphones and tablets and neglecting crawling, walking is harmful to the kids. Although many parents consider, theses touch screen devices as an educational tool for children also. However, experts recommend that parents need to change their approach and provide appropriate toys to children instead of these touch screen devices. Regardless of parents believe that these devices have educational benefits for the children. Keeping in mind the modern trends it is evident that touch screen devices overwhelmed the other toys as they are more famous among children.

Monster high, Disney Frozen, Disney Princess, LEGO, NERF, Minecraft, Hot Wheels, LeapFrog, Fisher Price, wwe

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