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Why Pakistan believe China products are cheap and less reliable?

M_Id_449279_Shopping_dicountEver wonder you having the same product accessibility that people used to buy in the enormous and expensive malls, your children play with varieties of toys and you carry the stylish and trendy things readily available in your market.Ever wonder you have got everything near you that could never think off. This is all because of the cheap labor and material in the China. World famous brands like Haier and other also produce their products from China and let the world use it from there. The productivity in the China is very welcoming and gives good profit for them.

It is the stereotype that the people usually perceive the Chinese products. However, we cannot deny the fact that there are fake and forfeiture companies that are making copies of products of famous companies HiPhone, SQNY,Tids(Tide),  Mike, Samsong, Okay(Olay) and God knows what not. There can be two aspects we can associate with this forfeiture. On the brighter side, because of these initiative, the first and second copy of the products are produced in the market that help people all over the world to enjoy having it because of lack of resources to purchase it. On the other hand, it also put a label on all the products produced in the China as the copy of the original commodity. This perception considered as a dangerous element among the people because once the trust of the customer is lost, you lost half of profits.

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Similar stories you see people in Pakistan are circulating and bragging about the poor quality and non-reliability of the Chinese products. The biggest reason is the same we have discussed before; correspondingly, plain and fake packaging or replica design on the cover signifies the Chinese products. In reality, if we search the local places where Chinese goods are in abundant, we see that the quality is pretty low and often unreliable. From the cosmetic to the clothes we find everything made in China. All these products are cheap because the quality is destitute. The material order in the Chinese factories is high and subsequently, the prices are low. In low prices, less cost of labor and material, the end result produce a complete replica, even the cover, and extremely low rates for the customers. The material therefore used in the manufacturing is also low that makes it unreliable.

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One of the significant aspects of the reliability tests is that the Chinese products come with no or very few period of warranty. That is why they are not putin the demo cases and hence, no guarantee.  With no warranty, demo or guarantee of the products, the situation make is absolute cheap and less reliable.

Still people in Pakistan prefer the Chinese products over the Pakistani products because they perceive that the manufacturing conditions are same at both ends. With more innovation, vibrant colors and more features found on the Chinese goods as compared to other, the people prefer it even when they know they are less reliable.

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