10 Ways to Kill Head Lice

10 Ways to Kill Head Lice

10 Ways to Kill Head LiceHead lice are the annoying that does not go away easily. It causes frustration for the mothers if they caught lice in their kid’s head. They also cause itching and can attack on anyone regardless of the age. Any kid or adult can be the victim of head lice. It is difficult to get rid of the lice and their nits. But don’t panic or freak out; there are certain home and natural remedies to get rid of the head lice. Here we are presenting you the effective 10 ways to kill head lice. You have to be vigilant after weeks of the head lice treatment so no nit remain and do not attack again.

  1. Combing

 Lice Comb Nit Remover

Combing is the key to get rid of the head lice. Even with the toxins, anti-lice shampoos, and other treatments combing is must. The oils and chemicals can help you in separating lice from hair and still you have to comb your hair properly to take them out. Even the last nit of the lice should be removed from head.

  1. Olive oil

Olive oil

Olive oil will loosen the grip of the lice from hair and hence you can easily take them out with combing. Take care that they won’t survive after taking out as they can live up to hours without breathing. Treat the head lice every 20 days

  1. Permethrin Lotion

Permethrin Lotion

It is the approved product to kill the lice and remove them from hair. You have to apply it’s on the shampooed hair for 10 minutes and then wash it and comb the hair to get the nits out. This lotion is effective but can be allergic to your skin so select it with care. This treatment can be repeated after 7 days if you find some nits back.

  1. Hair dryer

Hair dryer

Hot blow in the hair can kill the lice. It is the healthy activity for getting rid of the lice. Blow the hot air in the freshly washed hair and it will kill the majority of the lice and nits in the hair. This technique is only useful for the wet hair; if you have applied any chemical treatment for the lice do not blow hot air.

  1. Vinegar


Apply the vinegar with the mineral oil on your hair thoroughly and cover the head with shower cap. Leave it overnight and wash the hair in the morning with your shampoo. As said before, comb the hair properly after this remedy as well. Vinegar is effective to kill the head lice.

  1. Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil

With the other multiple benefits of the tea tree oil it also kills the lice effectively and also helps the itching scalp. You will have to add a few drops some 3 to 5 of the tea tree oil in every ounce of you shampoo and wash your hair with this mixture and comb the hair when dry. This oil is very strong so use it carefully. You will have to continue the process for minimum two months.

  1. Lemon Juice

Lemon Juice

The acidic nature of lemon juice is effective to kill nits and lice. Simply apply the lemon juice on your scalp and leave it for half an hour. Wash the hair with vinegar first and then with the warm water and of course comb your hair. This treatment is enough for once in a week. You can also apply it on the scalp with the fine paste of garlic cloves. Warm wash after massage of the lemon juice with garlic for 30 minutes for five days can completely remove the lice from hair.

  1. Onions


The natural remedy for head lice onions can kill the lice. Take the juice out of the onion after grinding it in the blender and massage the scalp with the juice. Leave it for minimum 2 hours on the head covered with shower cap and then warm your hair with lukewarm water properly. After your hair get dry use the comb to remove the nits. Do this for three days consecutively and then for once a week.

  1. Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

Appling coconut oil in the night properly on the scalp can remove the lice. Overnight coconut oil in the hair is really healthy. Wash the hair in the morning and comb them.

  1. Mayonnaise


It is the accepted method of removing nits and head lice. Coat your hair with mayonnaise and cover it with plastic. Leave it for 5-6 hours and then shampoo the hair. You can use hot air blow in the hair after applying mayonnaise. Repeat the process for two months once in a week to remove the nits properly.

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