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Monthly Archives: April 2017

Lip Stains

Why should you Prefer Lip Stains over Lipsticks?

Lip StainsLip Colors are the vital part of the looks. Women are applying lip color by Lipstick since 1923. Women require the lipsticks which last for longer time for only one time application. This need has been full filled by the lip stains. The Lip stains contain gel and water with natural mineral oils and synthetic pigments or natural pigments like henna. There are many attributes which give the additional marks to this exceptional lip stains. Lip Stain has two main purposes, it gives a punch of color to the natural lips and it can punch out extra shade in support of lipstick and lip gloss. Lipstains come in many forms such: gel with sponge-tip applying wand, color infused nip within marker-like tube and Roll-on. Read More

Lipstick Shades

Top Lipstick Shades for this summer

Lipstick ShadesExfoliations and moisturizing is not worth it without lipstick shade. Nice Lipstick shade changes the look of girl from drab to fab in one coat. This lip product should have nice color, a shine, non-greasy, staying power and affordable price. It is good news for those, who are persuading such attribute and nice shades of lipsticks, we have all lipstick shades through Amazon shopping.

You should select the shade for your lips according to your face complexion. Pinkish or coral red is most suited on light and fair skin tones. Read More

Lip Primer

Lip Primer for Pakistani Lips

Lip PrimerEvery girl is lipstick obsessed now days, they required smooth and perfect lipstick which last for a whole day. Lips are the most sensitive part of the face which gets dry instantly. Weather, less water consumption, use of medicine and licking prompts the lips to dry. These chapped lips give the painful, dried and messy look. Lips need daily exfoliation, locked moisture content and intense care for perfect look.
You need to drink water in excess to minimize the dehydration of lips, the moisturizing oil or balm should be used on lips for locking down the moisture content, and exfoliation of lips should become the integral process prior to lipstick application. This struggle is being resolved by the lip primer. Lip primer works same as simple primer works on face. It locks the moisture and helps the lip color from feathering and fading for longer time. Read More

Eye shadows

Eye shadows Application Techniques for Beginners

Eye shadowsEye Shadows are the main cosmetic product for eye makeup. Eye shadows can add dimension and dept to your eyes which makes one’s eyes larger and more attractive. Eye Shadows are comes in different textures and form for user convenience like it is available in powder, glitter, mousse palette and pencils. Women use eye Shadows to get improved appearance and   glamorous look. The most common ingredients of Eye Shadows are talc, mica, magnesium, pigments and preservatives. Read More

How to Select Best Eye Concealers according to your Skin Complexion?

Eye Concealers In PakistanFast life of everyone makes the eyes the dark circle prone, especially when one is not getting enough sleep to cope with speed of life. Under Eye Concealers are the best camouflaging agent which can hide every dark spot and circles around eyes. Eye Concealers should be non-allergic, paraben free, cruelty free, oil free, easily blended and moisturizing. Best imported branded products of eye Concealers are available from Amazon, now also in Pakistan. Eye Concealers contains anti-oxidants, organic and natural ingredients. Eye concealer is also minimized the puffiness and redness around eyes by their natural ingredients. Under Eye Concealers are available by Amazon Shopping in different packaging as a gel palette, liquid concealer within applying tube and liquid concealer with applying wand. Read More

Mascara Shopping in Pakistan

Best Mascara Brands Available in Pakistan

Mascara Shopping in PakistanGlamorous and voluminous eye lashes enhance the beauty of eyes. Mascara is the miracle cosmetic for eyes which uplift, thicken and darken the eyelashes. Mascara contains Waxes, pigments and oils. Waxes gives volume to lashes, oil gives nourishment and pigments gives darker color. These ingredients are natural and organic it does not cause allergy as it is tested by FDA. It is paraben and fragrance free. Water proof and smudge proof mascaras are also available here which will stay longer on eye lashes and give long term gorgeous look. Imported Mascara is available in various shades, such as, Blue, Brown and Black with the facility of Amazon online shopping in Pakistan. Read More

Eyelash Enhancer

Best Eyelash Enhancer and Primer Available in Pakistan

Eyelash EnhancerNaturally long, thick and dark Eyelashes are the most desired thing that every woman wants because not all the women born with thick and long eyelashes. Mankind has solved this problem by introducing eyelash enhancer and primer. Eyelash Enhancer and primers are tested by ophthalmologist, it is verified that it will not cause any type of harm or side effect on eye ball.

Eyelash Enhancer has the magical ingredients that can help the eyelashes to grow naturally i.e. microfiber and vitamin E. Read More

EyeLiner Available in Pakistan

Best EyeLiner Available in Pakistan

EyeLiner Available in PakistanEye liners are the most important part of every girl’s makeup kit. Eye liner is used to highlight and define the contours of eye. Eye liner is made from natural, organic, non-allergic ingredients. It is free from alcohol, paraben free, non-scented. Water proof eye liners with various colors are available now on Amazon Pakistan. You can get yours by taking this online shopping facility. Read More

Lip Balm Shopping

Best Lip Balm Available in Pakistan

Lip Balm ShoppingLip balm increases the natural beauty of the lips, enhance the lips and makes them soft and pink. The way of having naturally attractive pink lips is to the lip balm. They have the moisturizer and nourishment for the lips to repair them and make them prettier. There is nothing beautiful than a smile that you can wear and a bright smile with fresh looking soft pink lips is extremely charming. Dry and darker lips impact the face beauty negatively. Pigmented lips are usually caused by dehydration, harsh weather, using low quality cosmetics, and smoking, not removing lipstick before going to bed and stress and improper diet. Read More