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25 Best Clothes and Accessories you can ask as Gift

25 Best Clothes and Accessories you can ask as Gift

25 Best Clothes and Accessories you can ask as GiftWe have compiled a list of best clothes and accessories for men that you can add in your wish list or you have the chance to ask them as gift this year. In your New Year resolutions you can add these things also to bring a better change in your life. You can say these 25 best things to wear in 2017. These are the most stylish outfits and accessories. Add them in your shopping list or wish list to buy them this season. Increase in your style and get the most amazing cloths and accessories for you.

  1. Moose Knuckles Falcon Bomber

Moose Knuckles Falcon Bomber

The bomber jacket for outdoor activities Moose Knuckles Falcon Bomber is water repellant, warm and practical jacket. It will go with the trend and look classy and stylish whenever you wear it. Ask this jacket as a gift or you gift it to someone, this is always superb. Move around in a cold windy night because your bomber jacket has the insulation for you. The body and sleeves are quilted.

  1. Ten Thousand Foundation Shirt

Ten Thousand Foundation Shirt

Foundation Shirt by Ten Thousand is another best product. The design of the shirt is simple yet stylish and very fine for the workout. Either you make it a gym shirt or wear it with any of your outfit or as you want it will look stylish. This absorbs the sweat and blocks the odor. Wear it as you want. Get rid of the odor causing bacteria with the merio yarn of the foundation shirt.

  1. Timer IQ + Move


The activity tracker this Timer IQ + move piece is the latest in its type. It is ideal sports watch for the activities monitoring and smart to wear. This sporty watch is the water proof so there is no worry in your sports for getting wet. It connects with the mobile phone and display activities and sleep. Best thing about this sporty watch is that you do not need to charge it.

  1. Levi’s NFL Denim Trucker Jacket

Levi’s NFL Denim Trucker Jacket

Fan’s favorite Levi’s NFL Denim Trucker Jacket is the stylish wear. This Denim jacket is non-stretch material. It has the arms and back patches. It will go with all the outfits and will look stylish. Wear it for the casual look or wear it on the parties. This is the blend of classic and stylish.

  1. Cross Pen Peerless Fonderie 47 Collection

Cross Pen Peerless Fonderie 47 Collection

The pen has a history. Cross Pen Peerless Fonderie 47 collection is the collection of the pens made with the AK-47 steel. It is to support the Fonderie 47 efforts in order to stop gun violence. Fonderie 47 is the organization that has destroyed 50,000 assault rifles so far; in Africa, to stop gun violence in developing countries. Each pen is made with the gun material that was destroyed and a special serial number is written on the pen to keep the record of the guns destroyed to make the pen.

  1. Smythson Panama Luggage Tag

Smythson Panama Luggage Tag

If you are a travelling person you must need this exclusive luggage tag. It is made up of fine leather cross grain pattern. This is the durable tag that has the distinguished windows for your destination and home address. Now your luggage will find its way straight and the carriers can also distinguish your bag easily. The strap to attach it with the luggage is also adjustable with the help of buckle. Now travel with style.

  1. Baume & Mercier Clifton

Baume & Mercier Clifton

This beautiful white sport wrist watch is amazing. It is the sophisticated wear. Instantly decide to make this sporty watch your next item in wish list. The tint of royal blue in the white make it looks stunning. Wearing this watch will make you stand out among all.

  1. Dockers Khakis

Dockers Khakis

These are the pants with the most amazing look. You can impress anyone wearing these stretch fit khakis. You can wear it on your job or date. Tapered leg Dockers Khakis are the best pants you can ever have. It is exactly what you expect in the classic fit pants for men.

  1. Saxx Vibe 2 Pack


The perfect undergarment Saxx Vibe is the adjustable wear. The material is breathable and sweat-absorbing. It will keep all the things at its place and separate the legs perfectly. The internal mesh panels are perfect. To keep you slim with comfort pouch is the guarantee of this wear. This could be the essential part of your wardrobe.

  1. Movado Bold Motion

Movado Bold Motion

Wear casually or formally Movado Bold Motion is the stunning watch. It goes perfect with the black tie. Weddings or office, this is the smart dressy watch in Black. Its LED indicators and textured gorgeous black dial has a personality. You will find no reason to take it off. This is water resistant watch with silicone band. This smart watch will be your partner.

  1. Mack Weldon Everyday

Mack Weldon Everyday

Treat you with the ultimate comfort and have this Mack Weldon Everyday socks. This is the stylish and charming blue pair with most comfortable foot bed cushioned to care your feet. This is the right treatment that you can give to your feet. It is ultimate style with comfort.  Perfect claw length, cushioned support and support for toe have enhanced the socks importance.

  1. Fourlaps Bolt Short

Fourlaps Bolt Short

If you are a gym person and your last year gym hitting resolution was successful, bring you Fourlaps Bolt Short this year. This trendy and simple short is the great gym accessory that dries quickly and has the material that is stretchable to four dimensions. The colors are vibrant to make you lively and the design is perfect for exercising and activities. The zipper pocket is the additional benefit to take your mobile phone to the gym.

  1. Fitbit Blaze

Fitbit Blaze

Keep everything monitored including heart rate and workout activities with this fitness tracker smart device. Now get the messages and notifications on your smart wrist watch fitness tracker. It not only has the features that are amazing buy also the style. It will not damage with sweat or little rain. You can also operate the messages and music at the small screen. The battery is rechargeable and you need to charge it once or twice a week. Manage you routine following the smart Fitbit Blaze.

  1. Crew Cotton Poplin Pajama Set

Crew Cotton Poplin Pajama Set

The best night outfit you can every have  J. Crew cotton pajama set is the classic dress with slim cut to make your night outfit perfect. Now you will be careful and trendy even while sleeping. Cotton is the best comfortable fabric to make you sleep sound and tight. It has long sleeves and non elastic waist. You can adjust the waist with the string. This men’s sleepwear has the buttoned shirt.

  1. Cartography Mixed Media

Cartography Mixed Media

For the jewelry lovers; Cartography Mixed Media is the men jewelry accessory with the stones that has the masculine feel. With the silver chain, matte black stones and black leather strap has created a spectacular and stylish bracelet for men. This is the most stylish men bracelet. It will enhance your style and make you look cool.

  1. Gap Merino Striped Scarf

Gap Merino Striped Scarf

Winter style includes a scarf or muffler. Gap Merino Striped Scarf with the bold colors is the scarf to boost your personality. This is the knitted one stripped to show your style. Stripped scarf is always trendy. This winter; wear this style and stay warm. The wool is only for hand wash.

  1. Ugg Scuff

Ugg Scuff

The premium quality and most comfortable Ugg Scuff are the house slippers that give you royal feeling. These are the puffy slippers with cloud like soft and smooth pillows for feet. The comfort you get wearing them will relief your tiredness of the hard day. It is easy to wear and kick off the slippers. It is velvet soft slippers. Entering house will give you release when you see the soft slippers.

  1. Bose Quiet Control 30 Wireless Headphones

Bose Quiet Control 30 Wireless Headphones

No tangled headphones, easy to put them Bose Quiet Control 30 Wireless Headphones has the neckband style. It is not just the style it is also the quality of the sound that you would love about it. It has the noise cancelling effect that you can control and manage with the ear buds. Listen to your surroundings as well as to the music in your headphones as you want. Stay plugged in with these wireless headphones easy to use.

  1. Old Navy Shawl-Collar Fair Isle Cardigan

Old Navy Shawl-Collar Fair Isle Cardigan

In winters, most of the time you think of the sweater you can wear in the parties. Here is the buttoned up holiday sweater that you can wear in the evenings and celebrations. You will never have to think about the sweater you should wear. This is the cool looking warm outfit ultimately fitted collar sweater. Long sleeves, fair Isle pattern and vertical pockets are amazing.

  1. Filson Dog Collar

Filson Dog Collar

Get something for your pet too. Filson Dog corner is the high quality collar for the dog. This is elegant and stylish leather dog corner. It is made with the waterproof leather. It is safe for the dog with the O ring. This is the special ring that can potentially save the life your dog if it caught in fence or bushes or tree branch. The ring invert and that is the amazing thing about it. Bring this dog collar to your dog this year and you will appreciate it.

  1. Fits Business over the Calf

Fits Business over the Calf

You will be amazed to see the design of the fits business over the calf socks. They are more technical than their looks. It is designed perfectly. It performs the functions of that compression socks. The engineering of the socks are in the way that it have the athletic compression system and increase the blood circulation in your feet and lower part while you are sitting on your table or wiring desk. Pick them up this year. Sit and relax; and improve your circulation with the compression effect.

  1. Martens 1460 Crazy Horse

Martens 1460 Crazy Horse

Another amazing addition to the winter wardrobe; Dr. Martens 1460 Crazy Horse Shoes are not a causal thing. This the iconic, simple yet stylish, elegant brown, quality leather boots for the winter wear. These are rocking. Increase the grace in your personality with blue jeans, these boots and a simple T-shirt. Without any effort you will be coolest among all. These are the lace up boots in hiker style; known worldwide for its looks, comfortable and durability. They are always on trend. These are at a time classic and most stylish with the brown leather and yellow sewing.

  1. Lawrence Hunt Brush Blue

Lawrence Hunt Brush Blue

The check print in Egyptian cotton fabric, Lawrence Hunt Brush Blue is the dress shirt to wear in stressful situations. It is 100% pure Egyptian cotton shirt. The built-in mesh underarms will keep you cool in the depressing and stressful conditions. It is ideal for the job interview. This is the no sweat shirt with wrinkle resistant. So do not worry about your dress and wear this sweat wicking dress shirt in blue.

  1. Hillflint Crewneck Heritage Sweater

Hillflint Crewneck Heritage Sweater

The cool sweater; classic knitted Hillflint Crewneck Heritage Sweater is the outfit you dreamed of in your college days. This is the cozy wear made with the Hillflint luxe cotton more than a pound. This is the classic knitted sweater of Heritage manufactured with modern design.

  1. TOMS for Apple Watch Band Artisan

TOMS for Apple Watch Band Artisan

Your Apple watch cannot have a band more attractive than this one. It is the TOMS watch band with the stylish and beautiful design that will enhance the beauty around your wrist. It is not just a band for watch rather the company is initiating to give the solar panels to those who do not have electricity. TOMS one watch band gives a year of solar light. These are original leather and stainless steel made wrist bands for Apple watch with the finest finish. You can have the design from multiple options.

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