Are low quality products making us sick?

159954a8-e06f-40f2-bc48-bc8d278278ddRecalling the old proverb “Health is Wealth”. Health is directly dependent on the type of food you eat and the amount of nutrients present in it. The food we eat daily mainly consists of two major categories, high-quality foods, and low-quality foods. A food quality is the balance of nutrients in food. High-quality foods are rich in nutrients, unrefined and minimally processed whereas low-quality foods are highly processed refined and have less amount of nutrients.

Low-quality foods are also termed as nutritionally imbalanced foods. Imbalanced because these foods don’t require an amount of nutrients to the body. For proper functioning of human body, right nutrients are required in right amounts. Low-quality foods are highly processed and contain a lot of chemicals which are not good for our health. So low-quality foods affect our physical and mental health in many ways.

As low-quality foods are deficient in nutrients, they are unable to supply the proper amount of nutrients required by our body. The well-being and substantial growth of the human body are directly associated with the amount of nutrients provided. A high-quality diet provides protection against many diseases. Low-quality foods often cost less, but over the long term, eating a poor diet has a high health cost. Low-quality foods can disturb our health due to which we have to spend more than that we have saved by preferring low-quality food over high-quality food. A low-quality food can also be recognized as low in essential nutrients such as fiber, carbohydrates, proteins and starches and must contain balanced sugar and fats,

Food quality is defined the balance of nutrients per food consumption. It is commonly known that consuming more than required amounts of saturated fats and sodium leads to a war in the stomach. Low-quality food is usually high in sugar and high fructose corn sugar. Sugar do not contain any essential nutrients but carries a large amount of energy. Besides the benefit of the considerable amount of energy, it has many harmful effects on human health. It directly affects the metabolism of the body, also leads to insulin resistance. These foods also become the cause of increased level of cholesterol that is very dangerous for our health, by causing anincrease in the blood pressure and heart diseases. Other harmful effects of low-quality food consumption are Obesity and diabetes. Eating too much salt, can also increase the risk of heart ailments. Diet even influences certain types of cancers. A whole some diet lowers the risk for cancers of kidney, breast and colon among others, according to the World Health Organization.

Low-quality foods also affect mental health. Our brain needs nutrition to function properly. These foods are unable to provide the required nutrition increasing the risk of depression and other mental issues. A vigorous mind can lead to an active life.

Keeping in sight all the above-discussed issues concerning low-quality foods, the main idea is that these nutrients are not good for health and affect physical as well as mental health. To avoid all such issues and to be healthy, the foods we eat should be high quality and rich in nutrients.