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Best Beard Care Products and Grooming Tips

Best Beard Care Products and Grooming Tips

Beard is considered as the most masculine feature of every man. Therefore, beardy look becomes the trendiest fashion look for men of this era. Growing the beard is not as easy as it seems. Beard required a lot of care, maintenance and tolerance. Although there are genetically hairy men who do not need to use product for growing beard, but they also need to clean, groom, and maintain the beard. Fortunately, there are numerous beard care products and beard grooming products for making your beard look perfectly amazing. These effective beard care products can be bought from Amazon online shopping in Pakistan. You can get all the relevant information regarding beard care and beard grooming for men, as we have researched and recommended the best products and best tip for fuller beard look.

Best beard care products in Pakistan:

  • Beard oil: Your beard and skin under the beard need to be nourished, hydrated, and flakes-free. Therefore, best beard oil is formulated with hydrating ingredients. Mostly sandalwood oil is combined with other essential oils, which can also support fuller beard growth. With regular beard oiling, you can get the soft, smooth and healthy looking beard all time. The bestselling beard oil available from Amazon beard care products shopping in Pakistan are Pierre’s Sandalwood Beard Oil, Growther Beard Growth Oil and Mad Viking Beard Co. Beard Oil
  • Beard Butter: If you want the crisp, sophisticated and stylish beard for all day long then it is recommended to add beard butter in your beard care routine. Beard butter contains essential oils and natural ingredients that moisturize each strand and control flyaway beard look. It is usually used to get the naturally perfect beard look every day. The best beard butters in Pakistan are Beard Butter The Legend, Beard Guys Beard Butter and Prophet and Tools Beard Butter.
  • Beard Tonic: Beard Tonic is formulated with natural and organic ingredients that promotes the beard growth and nourishes the skin underneath the beard. It actually conditioned the skin and beard with natural oils and botanical extracts. It makes the beard softer and voluminous on regular use. The best beard tonics in Pakistan are Herbivore Beard Tonic, Day Liquid Gold Tonic Beard Oil, and ZEUS FACIAL HAIR GROWTH SERUM.
  • Beard Shampoo: To maintain the beard, you should wash the beard with special beard shampoo. Beard shampoo gently cleanses the skin and beard while leaving beard soft and smooth. After every wash, you feel the thick, healthier and voluminous manly beard. The best beard shampoos in Pakistan, available via Amazon shopping in Pakistan are Polished Gentleman Beard Shampoo, Gentlemans BeardGloss Shampoo, and Old Spice Beard Wash
  • Beard Conditioner: Beard needs conditioning as it lost their natural shine after wash and pollution. Beard conditioners contain botanical extracts and oils, such as Argan oil, jojoba oil etc., which restore the moisture of beard, reduce the beard itching, and keep it soft and shiny. The highly recommended best beard conditioners in Pakistan are The Art of Shaving Beard Conditioner, Hydrate: Daily Facial + Beard Moisturizer, and Viking Revolution beard wash and conditioner.
  • Beard Balm: beard balm or beard wax is formulated to hold the beard and mustache style in its place. The hairstylists for men usually used the beard balm to style the beard in classy ways. It is safe for everyday use as it contain beard growth and nourishing ingredients. The best beard balms in Pakistan are Honest Amish Beard Balm, Scotch Porter Beard Balm, and Mad Viking Beard Co. Beard Balm.

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Best Beard grooming products in Pakistan

  • Beard brush: The best beard brushes for men have the thick bristles that can smoothly move even through thickest beard hair and give the massage. It is also available in pocket size so you can brush your beard anytime.
  • Beard comb: The best beard combs are made from wood so it is anti-static. Wooden beard comb is best to detangle the wet beard. It also helps the beardy man in trimming the beard hair evenly.
  • Beard trimmer: Beard trimmer is the ultimate beard-grooming product that must be needed by beardy man. It comes with different precision heads, which actually define the length to trim. The sharp trimmer blade allows you to reshape and restyle your beard at home with ease. The bestselling beard trimmers in Pakistan are Remington All-in-One Trimmer Kit, Philips Norelco Face Styler Trimmer kit, and Wahl Beard Trimmers for Men
  • Beard razor: the electric rotator razor, manual sharp razor and electric shaver are used to groom the beard in any shape. It is usually used with beard styling and shaping tool.
  • Beard scissor: beard scissor has sharp stainless steel cutting blades, through which you can easily trim the beard hair with better precision. They may have pointed edges so you can precisely define the shape of beard.
  • Beard Grooming Kit: The complete beard grooming kit or beard trimming kit is available through Amazon beard care products online shopping in Pakistan. The best beard kit for men includes various grooming products, such as beard comb, beard brush, styling tool, beard wax or balm, beard scissor, beard trimmer, beard leave-in conditioner, etc. It would be the ultimate beard kit gift for beardy man.

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How to grow beard faster and thicker

For growing the fuller and thicker beard naturally, you need to take care of your facial skin. Below we have mentioned the some tips to grow beard naturally, within few weeks.

  • Scrub your facial skin two times a week, with the best exfoliating face scrub. It removes the dead skin and activates the facial hair to grow. Exfoliation also prevents ingrown hairs.
  • Always keep your facial skin clean. Use mild formula of face cleanser for men for cleansing the skin. It supports small facial hair to grow naturally fast.
  • Pick the men’s face moisturizer that contains eucalyptus in its formula. Eucalyptus helps the skin to grow facial hair fast.
  • If you find any flakes or dryness on skin then moisturize the skin regularly to keep the skin hydrated.
  • Get enough sleep and rest to keep your skin healthy.
  • Hair health actually shows the mental stress so manage your stress in a healthy way to keep your beard look healthy.
  • Take biotin supplements for beard growth. Biotin improves the hair and nail growth.
  • Enlarge the protein content in your daily diet, such as fish, egg, nuts, meat, etc.
  • Do not touch the beard hair for few weeks and let it grow.
  • It is the myth that shaving the beard on daily basis can boost the growth and thickness of beard hair.
  • Use the best beard growth oil or beard growth serum for boosting the beard growth. Do not use

Beard Grooming and Maintenance Routine for Men:

For getting the perfect beard every day, you need to make your beard care routine. I have recommended the effective daily beard care routine for making the beard naturally healthy and soft.

  1. Always wash your beard twice a week to keeping your beard and underneath skin clean and flakes free.
  2. After washing, dry it by dabbing the towel over beard hair. Do not harshly rub against the skin as it damages the roots of beard.
  3. Apply the best beard oil by rubbing few drops into the beard and underneath skin. It reduces the outbreak of dandruff, flakes, itching, and dryness.
  4. Straighten and neaten the beard hair by detangling the beard with beard comb.
  5. For styling, use the beard balm. It will restore the shine of natural beard and hold the style of beard.

Beard care and grooming tips for men:

  • Do not be impatient for growing the beard. Do not trim or shave the beard for 3 to 5 weeks and let it grow.
  • When the beard takes your desired length then start shaping and styling it
  • Always pick the right beard style according to your face shape.
  • If you have square shape face, keep the beard short from sides and fuller from chin.
  • If you are rectangular shape face, keep the beard shorter from chin and fuller from sides.
  • If you have oval shape face, keep the beard symmetrically round.
  • If you have round shape face, keep the beard longer from chin and shorter from sides.
  • Always use the best quality beard trimmer to trim the beard and pick the best technique to make your desired beard style.
  • Wash the beard with best beard shampoo. It cleanses the dirt and oil from underneath skin of beard so itchiness would be reduced.
  • Beard can become dry too quickly due to harsh environment and pollution, so it is important to moisturize the beard regularly. Therefore, add beard oil in your beard care routine. It moisturizes the beard hair and underneath skin while preventing itching.
  • Always trim your beard 2 times in a week to maintain your beard style.
  • Use beard brush to smoothen the beard hair and used the beard comb to detangle the beard hair.
  • For trimming your beard, use the beard styling tool, beard styling comb, trimmer, and scissor.
  • Do not undervalue the mustache, while styling beard. Always give the complimentary shape to your mustache corresponding to beard shape.

Best Beard Styles 2018:

The most masculine feature, beard, also needs to be styled. Men usually style the beard with different men’s hairstyles. If you are looking for the stylish and trending beard style 2018 then this section is recommending ultimate beard looks according face shape.

  • Stubble Beard Style: Stubble beard is trending nowadays. It is great for the men who have childish face. The messy stubble beard makes the face look more masculine. It grows within 3 to 5 days. You just need to trim and condition the beard on regular basis.

Stubble Beard Style

  • Short Beard Style: Short beard is considered as the classic but most versatile beard style for middle-aged men. It suits best on almost every face shape. You just need to use the trimmer to neaten up the cuts and shorten the length of beard.

Short Beard Style

  • Long beard style: Long beard should be fuller and thicker. It will suits on long or oval shaped face. Stylists suggest pairing the long beard with short or medium hair. Baldhead with long and full beard style is also a trending beard style 2018 in Pakistan.

Long beard style

  • Goatee beard style: Goatee beard is one of the classiest beard styles for men in Pakistan. Goatee beard suits on square face shape. Some people prefer to grow the beard on chin with connected mustaches and some prefer goatee beard without mustache.

 Goatee beard style

  • Rugged Beard Style: Rugged beard style is the combination of stubble beard and full beard style. It is the raw look of beard, which becomes trending in this year. It gives the hyper-masculine look. It suits on round and oval shaped face.

Rugged Beard Style

  • Stylish Beard Cut Designs: Some cool and stylish cuts designs on beard are also trending in 21st Young boys and men love to have the fading beard from sides. The styles can be done on short beard, long beard, French beard, goatee beard, etc. you can creates such beard cutting with the help of beard com and beard styling tools, which you can buy from Amazon online shopping in Pakistan.

Stylish Beard Cut Designs

Buy imported beard care products in Pakistan:

You cannot get the perfectly grown, groomed and fuller beard for ultimate masculine look without taking care of your beard and facial hear. For beard care and maintenance, you need add various beard care products in your dressing closet. The top brands of beard care products in Pakistan are available at the online shop, from where you can find best beard wash, beard conditioner, beard oil, beard shampoo, beard comb, beard scissor, beard trimmer, beard comb and more. Explore the collection of Amazon imported and best beard cared products in Pakistan and pick the best one at the reasonable price. You will get it at your home door via Amazon online shopping in Pakistan.