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Best Options for Hair Removal

Best Options for Hair Removal

Are you suffering from unwanted body hair? We are discovering various ways to permanently remove the unwanted facial hair and body hair. It is the myth that only women need the smooth and silky skin of body. Nowadays, men also want to change the hairy look of body and get the smooth skin. Traditionally, women remove the body hair with the wax type material, originated from a plant and men use the blade for genital area and underarms. With the infusion of technology and science, numerous other techniques have been introduced. For instance, hair removal sugar wax, hair removal bead wax, hair removal creams, epilator, hair removal treatment, laser treatment for hair removal and many more. You can get the comprehensive information on body hair removal techniques, products, machines, tips, and procedures in this blog. Follow the article for knowing about permanent body hair removal ways in Pakistan.

  1. Body Hair Removal for Men
  2. Body Hair Removal for Women

 Body Hair Removal for Men:

Traditionally, men thought that chest hair make them look more masculine and tough. Although, this notion has been changed with the passage of time and fashion. Now men also want the smooth and hair removed body. There are four main ways that men opt to remove the body hair, from chest, underarm, genital area, legs, arms, etc. For instance,

BAKblade Back Hair Removal

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Nad’s Hair Removal Cream

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Nair Men Hair Removal Cream 

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NEOMEN Flawless Hair Remover Cream for Women and Men

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BAKbladeHair Removal and Body Shaver

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Fresh Balls Lotion

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Nair Hair Removal Body Cream

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Nair Men’s Hair Removal Spray

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Nair For Men Hair Removal Body Cream

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MLAY Permanent Hair Removal Device

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  • Body hair removal wax: Men have the coarse and thick hair, which cannot be removed by classic sugar wax. Therefore, numerous brands have manufactured hair removal wax for men that can even remove the coarse men’s hair from body. Hair removal wax gives long term result, required low maintenance, and easily accessible and cheap in price. One of the drawbacks is pain from waxing.
  • Body Shavers: Men can easily shave their body hair with easy to use and ergonomic in design body shavers. It is available in men body grooming set, which includes trimmers, shavers, and epilator. Back body shaver has the long handle, which allows the user to shave the body from back on his own. It is the quickest, pain free and easy method of body hair removal for men in Pakistan. However, ingrown hair cannot be removed easily through shaving and it could give cuts and nick on skin.
  • Hair Removal Cream for Men: The depilatory creams are also formulated for men by top hair removal cream brands. It is considered as the convenient to use hair removal product or technology for men. The user just needs to apply it over hair and remove the cream along with unwanted hair. The chemicals may react with the sensitive skin and make the skin red or spotty sometimes, so you need to pick gentle formula for sensitive skin type.
  • Laser Hair Removal Treatment: The best brands of hair removal products have engineered the laser hair removal gadget for using at home. It is considered as the permanent hair removal treatment at home. However, the laser only work on dark colored hair and the laser treatment for hair removal in Pakistan requires too much time. You can buy the imported quality laser hair removal gadget via Amazon body hair removal online shopping in Pakistan.

Body Hair Removal for Women:

Unwanted body hair is considered as the annoyance for women. Women usually use the quicker method for hair removal, such as razors and depilatory hair removal creams. These two methods are quick but they give short term results. For smooth and silkier skin, various other hair removal techniques for women are available. Here we discussed the common technique to remove hair permanently.


Finishing Touch Painless Hair Remover

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Panasonic Facial Hair Trimmer

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Finishing Touch Legs Hair Remover

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Braun Silk-épil Electric Hair Removal

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Finishing Touch Women’s Painless Hair Remover

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Facial Hair Removal for Women

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Braun Silk-épil Women’s Epilator

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Painless Hair Remover for Women

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Braun Gillette Venus Silk Body Hair Removal System with Razor

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YIKAVA Hair Removal for Women

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  • Depilatory Cream: Depilatory cream has the effective hair removal formula, which actually weakens the hair from roots and breaks down the hair to be washed away. The hair removal creams sometimes have the harsh chemicals that may cause skin irritation so it is recommended to pick the herbal based or gentle formula of hair removal cream for sensitive skin in Pakistan.
  • Hair Removal Wax: Hair removing waxes are available in different forms, such as beans waxes, hot waxes, sugar wax, waxing strips, etc. Beans wax or bead wax is great for removing coarse hair from underarms, body, arms, and legs. The sugar wax is convenient to use and it effectively removes thin and fine hairs from skin. It can give the long-term result but waxing is considered as the painful technique of hair removal for women in Pakistan.
  • Epilator: Epilator is the hair removal gadget, which actually work as an electronic shaver for women. It has the self-sharpening blades, which cut and trim the unwanted hairs from skin. It comes with various head sizes, so you can easily use on different body parts, such as for facial hair, brows, upper lips, arms, underarms, bikni line, legs, etc. It has one drawback that it does not remove the hair from roots and it does not work on ingrown hairs.
  • Razors and Shavers for Women: Razors and Shavers are handy and ergonomic so they are easy to control and use. Most of the women prefer to use razors and shavers for quickest hair removal result.
  • Hair Tweezers for women: tweezers are the small hair removal gadget for women in Pakistan. They are used to remove small hairs individually. It would be great for upper lip hairs, eyebrow hair and facial hairs. It comes in different designs such as spring tweezer, epilator tweezer and precision tweezer.
  • Hair removal laser treatment: Hair removal laser devices are available from Amazon online shopping in Pakistan. It provides the permanent hair removal treatment at home by your own. It is considered to give longest lasting result. It is safe and effective for every skin type but it requires too much time.

Body Hair removal creams in Pakistan:

Hair removal creams or depilatory creams or hair removal depilatory foams are formulated with the chemicals that take the hair out from root and enable to be washed away. Hair removal creasm are perfect for bikini line for women and genital areas for men. It gives the no damages and no pain result. You can find the top-rated brands of hair removal creams in Pakistan via Amazon imported hair removal products in Pakistan. The bestselling hair removal creams are:

Body Hair removal Oils in Pakistan:

Ant egg oil is the natural hair removal oil, which can permanently remove the unwanted hair from body. It is great for removing coarse hair from skin without any expensive hair removal treatment in Pakistan. The hair removal sprays are also available, which can remove the unwanted hair from any targeted area of body. You can buy the bestselling hair removal sprays and oil via USA imported hair removal products online shopping in Pakistan. For instance:

  • Roja Ant Egg Oil for Permanent Hair Removal
  • Hemani Ant Oil for Hair Removal
  • Ocamo Painless Depilatory Hair Removal Spray
  • AmeriMark Hair Removal Solution Spray

Body Hair Removal Equipment and gadgets:

This category includes hair removal trimmer, epilators, shavers, tweezers, and body hair removal laser devices. The top brands of body hair removal machines are manufacturing these gadgets to provide ease in epilation and removing the body unwanted hair. These body hair removal machines might be paired with shaving gels, creams, or foams. Manual hair removal tools are also available for removing hair from delicate or hard to reach parts of body. Anyone can buy the epilation kit or body hair removal kit in Pakistan at affordable price via the facility of Amazon online shopping in Pakistan.

  • Veet Sensitive Precision Electric Hair Trimmer
  • Remington All-in-1 Lithium Powered Grooming Kit
  • Finishing Touch Women’s Painless Hair Remover
  • Gillette Venus Women’s Comfortglide Blade Moisture Bar Razor
  • IPL Hair Removal Laser Device

Body Wax:

Body Waxing is considered as the firm and favorite one for getting smooth, silky and hairless skin. Wax is the universal body hair removal product that can be used on any part of body. It actually pulls out the hairs from roots and makes the skin smooth. The widest collection of body hair removal waxing products in Pakistan, you can find sugar waxes, hair removal wax kit, bead or bean wax, hot waxes, cold wax strips, wax machines, wax warmer etc. Waxing is painful but it gives the long-lasting result because hair remove from roots. The bestselling body wax available at reasonable price from Amazon hair removal online shopping in Pakistan are:

  • Cirepil Blue Wax
  • Depimiel roller waxing kit
  • Veet Leg and Body Hair Remover Wax Strips
  • Hard Wax Beans Hair Removal Kit
  • Nair Cire Divine Microwaveable Body Hair Removal Wax

Tips Before Using Body Hair Removal At Home:

  • Reduce the chance of ingrown hair by exfoliating the skin with the best body scrubs, few days before taking body hair removal treatment.
  • Always clean and dry the skin first before using any of the hair removal gadget.
  • Whether you are going to use new depilatory cream, foam, hair removal oil, wax, or any other products, always do patch test. it is important to find out the sensitivity of your skin to the hair removal treatment.
  • Do not use the product if it causes any irritation, redness, rash or allergy on skin.
  • In case of using hair removal wax in summer day, you can apply the talc powder on skin for absorbing the sweatiness of skin.
  • Always take the wax strip off on just one clean and swift move. Avoid pulling the strip slowly.
  • In case of using shaver, always apply large amount of shaving gel or foam over your body to minimizes the chance of cuts and nicks on skin.
  • Before using any new product first time, use the instruction first.
  • Always applies the product or uses the product on the body parts that are mentioned and suggested on product’s user guide.
  • If the product causes any sort of allergy or irritation during patch test then discontinue the use, rinse the area thoroughly with water, and consult your physician in case of any severe reaction.
  • Avoid using body hair removal laser device on the tanned skin or sunburned skin, as laser targets the darker skin and may damage the skin tissues.

Tip after using body hair removal products at home:

  • Rinse the body thoroughly with plain water to remove the residues of hair removal cream, oil, wax, etc.
  • Always wear loose, cool and comfortable dress after having any body hair removal treatment.
  • Do not take hot bath, and shower for 24 hours after hair removal, as it may irritate the skin.
  • Do not use the harsh chemical products, scents, perfumes, or makeup on hair removal treated skin, for 24 hours after hair removal.
  • Moisturize the skin with gentle, herbal and hypoallergenic moisturizer for reducing the chance of any skin irritation and for restoring the moisture to skin.
  • If you feel any redness after waxing or shaving, you can apply cold water or wet cloth to sooth the skin and reclose the pore.

Buy the Best Body Hair Removal Products Online in Pakistan:

The Amazon imported body hair removal products are highly demanding in Pakistan as they are original, genuine, effective and best branded products. Now you can get the professional touched hair removal treatment at home and remove the unwanted hair by your own with suitable hair removal kit available through Amazon online shopping in Pakistan. Start exploring the collection, pick the top-rated brands, compare the prices, and hit order for any of the products. You will get the product straight at your home door, within the offered delivery time and with cash on delivery facility. So, do not waste your time and money in local market, visit the online shopping website and order the required hair removal products for you.