Best Shopping Places of Karachi

downloadKarachi – known as city of lightning, people and shopping. Name a thing that for Karachi is not famous. Being the life the people live there, you can have the pretty good idea how would the shopping places be. With the luxury of shopping from Pakistan best and oldest malls, shopping from Karachi has its own pace. The city of Karachi allows the people to shop from almost everything from its markets and shops. All famous shops and hubs are located there. From there most of the things are exported to different cities of the Pakistan. From the classic and traditional Bazaar with narrow streets and several junctions to the modern and funky malls, that is furnished with expensive pace and air conditioned. The very special places to shop are Gulf Shopping Mall, Saddar, Bhadurable, Zamzama, Tariq Road, Zaib un Nisa street, Anarkali bazaar also known as the water pump and Hydri. These are considered to be few of famous shopping places throughout the country. You are also allowed to bargain and hopefully grab on few. One of the most famous is the Delmen Mall Clifton.

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Gul Plaza

Another beautiful place is Gul Plaza for the shopping of decorative and lightening. The place has reasonable rates, and you can find almost every decorative item you want to see in your home. Here you can also find appliances, the Kid toys and the imported and famous glassware crockery. The mall is full of decorative items. Along with it, you can also buy imitation jewellery, beautiful and trendy clothes.

Park Towers

Similarly, Park Towers are also known as upscale shopping centre to buy imported and quality products. There are many small departments from where you can shop beauty items, health products, cell phone accessories. It also has textile stuff, leather items, books, electronics, food items and much more. It is also considered to be the place for riches, and almost all the imported brands.

Zainab Market

Zainab Market is located in the Zaib un Nisa street juncture and also in the heart of the sadder. It is place where you can get complete range of varieties for all the members of your family. They have all the trendy and fashionable stuff. The place is also known for its interior decoration; leather stuffed jackets, purses and other. It is one of the best place of children clothes and shoes. The best part of the market is that bargain is easy, and you can find good stuff at very affordable prices.

Portia fabrics

Which women does not like the place made entirely for her where she can buy all the latest collection of the leading Pakistani clothes brand. If yes, then the Portia Fabrics is the best place for the women who want to compare and then shop the cloths. The place has stores of Al Karam, Gul Ahmed, Five Star, HSY and more.

Tariq Road

Want to see the Karachi’s most shopped place? Here is the famous Tariq road. Known for its modern shopping malls and markets within it, the Tariq Road has pace for every customer in it. The market is set to modern shops of garments, footwear, household stuff and famous and antique jewellery. The place is also known for ladies because the type of stuffs available there e.g. Jewellery, female apparel.

Beautiful malls are located on either side of the road having complete range of children, men and women. Pakistan leading boutiques are also located here. The traffic is well organized to avoid rush or any fatal incident. Bahadurabad area is right next to Tariq road, and that adds shines to this marvellous place. When you come to shop here remember, you must have enough time otherwise you won’t enjoy the real essence of shopping at Tariq Road.


Zamzama, on the other hand, is also a luxurious shopping place in Karachi. With the same essence of Tariq Road, Zamzama is known for a place for elite. Situated in the DHA Karachi, it is the Karachi’s most elite designer shops for shoes, clothes and other accessories. It is also acknowledged as the porch commercial area that has its own streets and lane.

Millennium Mall

The mall is one of the biggest and famous malls of the Karachi. The mall is located at the Gulshan e Iqbal, Rashid Minhas Road. With one stop shop concept, the mall is filled with several shops having the accessories for women, men and children. There, people can buy anything, the best quality products at fewer prices as compared to other stores.  The mall looks expensive, but the prices are reasonable.

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