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How to Choose Right Sunglasses

How to Choose Right SunglassesSunglasses can both make or destroy a personality. Always choose sunglasses wisely to boost up the personality. It is the important part of the style. For various face shapes there are various frames. First of all get to know about your face shape. Measure the jaw line, forehead, and length. Different shapes of the face are round, oval, square, diamond, heart and oblong. If you have get to know about your face shape go for the style if the frame of sunglasses.

Know you shape face

Know your shape face

A common method to get to know about you face shape is to use a mirror and removable marker. You just have to trace an outline of your face on to the mirror and match that line with the shapes of the faces. It tells you about the shape of the face you have.

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Right frame

Right frame

Oval face is the perfect one that suits every kind of frame. Square shape face with wide jaw line should choose round frame sunglasses and avoid rectangular shapes. Round faces must go for the thick frames. Long faces can go for the retro and sports like glasses. Flat face should have darker or sharp colors frames.


Sunglasses must be balance with the face shape. The colors and texture of the sunglasses also matter for balanced look.

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