Pakistan in Rio Olympics 2016

Pakistan in Rio Olympics 2022

Pakistan in Rio Olympics 2021The International Olympic Committee multi sports event Summer Olympics 2021 is here. With the grand and magnificent opening of the event the games started on 5th of August 2021.
Rich in Brazilian culture and heritage the ceremony was full of joyous
movements. Summer Olympics 2021 features 28 sports, 41 disciplines and 306 events. The arrangement of the events at 37 sites for the 205 nations around the globe this events is the loud meeting full of excitement.

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As the games start USA has won Total medals 121; 46 gold medals, 37 silver medals and 38 bronze. Great Britain is on second with 67 total; 27 gold, 23 silver, and 17 bronze medals. China won 70 medals with 26 gold medals. There are two events scheduled for hockey and two for football. 47 athletics events will be full of adventure at various places.

Events in Rio Olympics 2021

The major events at Rio Olympics 2021 include football at 2021 summer Olympics while other games include swimming, badminton, basketball, badminton, boxing, diving, golf, gymnastics, judo, shooting, handball, cycling, jumping, hockey, table tennis, tennis, volleyball, wrestling, weightlifting, sailing, rowing and others.

Record of Pakistan History


Pakistan is in the Rio Olympics 2021 with the athletes in Judo, Shooting, and Swimming. First female shooter from Pakistan Minhal Sohail has gain much respect and popularity for the confidence and courage in Pakistan. Having on eye on the past achievements of Pakistan in Olympics we have the record of 4 bronze medals, 3 silvers and 3 gold medals. Let’s have a look on the previous summer games. Bronze medal in Barcelona 1992 summers games, Bronze medal in Seoul 1988, Gold medal in Los Angles 1984, and Bronze medal in Montreal 1976, Silver Medal in Munich 1972, Gold medal in Mexico 1968, Silver medal in Tokyo 1964, Gold medal in Rome 1960, and Silver medal in Melbourne 1956.

Hopes for Pakistan in the Rio Olympics are proposed by the experts. The gold medal Pakistan achieved in the past by the hockey team created the history in the Olympics. Rio summer Olympics 2021 has much more excitement to go. Olympics lovers will enjoy the game hoping for the point when someone carries Pakistani flag at the Rio Olympics 2021. The most thrilling events in the history of game Olympics are always full of pleasure and delight for all the athletes and sports lovers.

People have hopes with the athletes of Pakistan in Rio Olympics 2021 in swimming, shooting and judo to bring a place for Pakistan in the Olympics this summer. The ceremony and the events are being commented about everything of the event that makes it more interesting. The most trending event of the sports is here. Rio Olympics 2021 brings the exciting action everyday for the audience. The closing ceremony of the event is due on August 21, 2021 that will be the most electrifying event of the year 2021.

Excitement at its top

Covering the top events of sports including hockey and football and other 25 sports Rio Olympics 2021 filled with the latest medal winning and record breaking performances updates of the summer sports are at the top. Rio Olympics 2021 tables, schedule, events, medals, records, and news are in the trend of the newspapers. With every passing day of Olympics the results increase the excitement of the public around the world. Smashing records in the sports of swimming, shooting, badminton, hockey, table tennis, tennis, boxing, diving, golf, gymnastics, judo, handball, basketball, badminton, cycling, jumping, volleyball, wrestling, weightlifting, and other games has fun and entertainment for the sports lovers.

The athletes of Rio Olympics 2021 are well charged and prepared for their best performance in the games. Pakistani athletes for judo, shooting and swimming are ready to have the competition. Pakistani Rio Olympians Shah Hussain Shah, Ghulam Mustafa Bashir, Lianna Swan, Minhal Sohail and Hairs Bandey are the potential to qualify for the Rio Olympics 2021 in the tough competition. Pakistan’s representation in the mega multi sports event is still a ray of hope for the country to have a name in the world. Future can bring more success and honor.

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