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How people judge others?

PersonalityWe are continuously judging others in our daily routine. Here we are discussing about the appearance of the people that matters a lot as it cast the first impression. You must know that first impression is ever lasting impression. Although it is not the right way to judge others; but still appearance matters. It is the outer shell of the actual personality. People judge others for what the person is wearing, or carrying. It is also fact that external appearance shows some psychological aspects of the personality. Your subconscious mind is always judging others by just looking at their cover. You can say it the stereotype that we have developed over time.


The most important thing in the appearance is your shoes. People always note what you wear on your foot. It can make or destroy the whole personality. Some people give special attention to dress but neglect the shoes. There are some techniques that you must follow while selecting the right foot ware. Never wear joggers with trousers. Do not wear socks in casual shoes or sandals. Even if your dress is not that expensive good shoes can make your personality.


Latest design and classy dress make your personality confident and glooming. A perfectly ironed dress of latest fashion is what makes you personality. Always remember not to wear anything without iron. Dull colors shows the person is typical and stereotype. Bright colors show the jolly and lively aspect. We know some people around us who always wear same kind of clothes. They are the one who stick  to their point and are not friendly to innovation and creativity.

Sun Glasses

It is clearly the sign of bold personality. Those wearing sun glasses or googols while they are outside are the considered the most confidant that do not allow anyone to criticize or say anything to them.

Hand Bags

The people especially girls who carry large handbags and accessories in their hands are shy and they feel comfortable walking while having something in their hands. They are only comfortable if they have something in their hand.  Yet, the trendy small handbags, purse or clutches looks good and suits the confident personality.

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