Bathing Accessories in Pakistan

Imported Quality Bathing Accessories in Pakistan

Bathing Accessories in PakistanLuxury bathing can be enjoyed by you with simple addition of some Bathing accessory in your bathroom. We have the largest collections of bathroom accessories that will bring your simple bathing into the luxury spa.

Bath Shower Sponge Pouf Loofahs

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Gorilla Grip Non-Slip Bath Pillow 

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Wholesome Beauty Dry Skin Body Brush with Removable 11-Inch Wood Handle

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Fantasea Natural Bristle Body Brush

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Sesame Street Inflatable Safety Bathtub

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Magic Exfoliating Shower Cloth

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Baby ShowerCap

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Usstore Round Roundie Beach Throw Beach Cover

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There are variety of skincare and bathing accessories that can complement your skin and the designs and colors of the bathing accessories complement the bathroom interior. The most famous and demanded bathing accessories available in Pakistan are Loofah, body brushes, bath bomb, sponges, messaging brushes etc. The holders and dispensers for soap, toilet tissues and other accessories are also available here through importation from Amazon Online Shopping in Pakistan.

Bathing Brushes: Bathing brushes are used to clean, exfoliate and stimulate then relax the skin with the natural soft bristles of bathing brushes. Bathing brushes remove the dead skin effectively and open all the clogged pores of the skin which in return improve the circulation of blood. Regular use of cellulite bathing brushes can remove the toxic waste from the skin that can form cellulite on your skin. If you massage your skin from feet to your waist with bathing brushes in circular motion then it will remove the toxin from the lymph nodes. For better detoxification of the skin, take the salt bath. Complexion brushes are also available here that can exfoliate your facial skin and remove the dirt and oil from your facial pores. Wooden Nail Brushes are available that keep your nail and cuticle free from dirt. Wooden hair brushes can also be purchase from here as this type of brush can massage your scalp and stimulate and improve the blood circulation which in return improve the hair growth and eliminate the static electricity.

Loofah Bath: Loofah is the simply the mesh bath or shower sponge that is used to keep your skin soft and smooth as it gently exfoliate and scrub your skin and remove the dead skin and dirt form the skin pores. Loofahs are usually made from recyclable materials which makes the loofah an eco-friendly product. Loofah can create the higher amount of lather from small amount of shower gel or body soap so loofah can increase the lifespan of your bathing product. Loofah are available in various colors like, red, blue, green pink, skin etc so you can purchase it according to your bathroom theme and interior.

Bath Bombs: Bath bombs are becoming famous as it is the instant stress relieving baths because the fun experience with the sensual aroma of bath bombs makes you feel fresh. Bath bombs are available in many colors and combinations. Some bath bombs posses the glitter, flower petal, stars etc. You just throw the bath bomb in warm water tub with soap and scents and enjoy the fun bathing. The trendiest bath bombs are creamy in texture that can moisturize your skin while adding soothing and murky fragrance.

Bath Towel: Bath towel should be soft and luxurious in texture. Bath Towels are not only used to dry up your skin but it is also an exfoliating and cleansing accessory of bathroom. Nylon bath Towels are the best that can scrub out the dead skin, improve blood circulation, and unclogged your skin pores. Nylon Towel is rough in texture that can scratch your dead skin and revitalize your body and skin without causing any irritation. Bath Towels are available in different sizes and different colors. Extra Long size of Bath Towels are also available here so it can reach on every area of your body easily and provide you a more enjoyable and hygienic bathing. A key tip for you is that Always replace your bath towel on every 5-6 months for ensuring the hygiene of bathing experience and do not share the bath towel with others.

Bath Shower Cap: Bath shower Caps are used to protect your hairs from getting wet during taking shower. There are many types of bath shower caps which are waterproof. Shower cap with microfiber toweling is one of the famous that can bring efficient moisture to your hairs with maximum durability and comfort. It has an extra lining of microfiber that can protect your blow dried hairs, hair style or braids. Shower caps are mold resistant so it protect your hairs from getting damaged and minimize the risk of split ends. Shower caps is the multipurpose bathing accessory that can be use to protect your hair treatment and also work as sleeping cap that prevent the tangling of hairs overnight. Shower caps are available in different sizes, colors and designs. The disposable simple polythene shower caps are also available here that can seal out your hairs from moisture and humidity. Wearing shower caps during wearing makeup, spray tanning, and facial treatment are the ideal purposes of shower caps.

Bath Sponges: Bath Sponges are used to cleanse your body and remove the excess oil and dirt and revitalize your skin. Some Bath Sponges have a rough side that will exfoliate your skin and a soft sponge side that cam create rich lather from soap and clean the dirt. Do not use bath sponges on infants, irritated skin or on mole as it may cause redness. Bath sponges are used to prepare your skin for hair removal, sunless tanning and shaving.

Best Brands of Bathing Accessories Available In Pakistan:

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