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Best Eye Creams Available in Pakistan

Best Eye Creams Available in Pakistan

Best Eye Creams Available in PakistanEyes are the prominent area where aging signs appears first which makes eye important area that needs special care. However, Choose correct and effective skincare product for eyes such as eye cream is not an easy job. You can choose right eye cream for you by reading this article as it has all the required knowledge about eye creams.

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Eye Creams are specially formulate skincare product for the thin and sensitive skin around eyes. The major problems of eye are dark circles, puffiness, sagging skin, wrinkles and fine lines. The incorrect cream will disappoint the user as incorrect Eye Creams cannot cope with eye related problem effectively. The Eye Creams that cope with your expectations are available, you just have to look and choose accordingly. First go toward ingredients list, as ingredients are the key factor that sorts the problem accordingly. The most required thing by the eyes sensitive area is SPF, it will create big difference. Eye Creams contain more oil content than any facial cream as skin around the eye is more dried. Many active ingredients work in similar way to fulfill the promise of eye cream that is erase the sign of aging, reduced fine line, nullify the dark circles, protection against sunrays, minimize the puffiness and slow down the aging effect.

Eye Creams are used for:

For Dry Skin: The skin area around the eyes is very prone to dryness compare to rest of the skin of face. The Eye Creams with moisture content is especially formulated for dryness of skin around the eyes. The moisturizing ingredients are Shea butter, jojoba oil and flower waxes. These ingredients hydrate and soothe the skin around eyes. This Eye Creams are usually used as night treatment cream for eyes as it nourishes the skin overnight effectively.

For Fine Lines: The most common problem of women is fine line that appears under the eyes. The main reasons of fine lines are smoking, squinting and facial expression. Eye Creams that contain retinol in their formula are best in this regard as it fight and prevent the fine lines and glow. Retinol is actually help in restoration of moisture content and smooth the wrinkles way. The retinol with combination of vitamin E, glycerin and hyaluronic acid works with more efficiency on skin around eyes.

For Dark Circles: Dark circles are problem of everyone in this area, majorly cause by not getting enough sleep, high medication, high screening, smoking etc. Eye Creams with caffeine will work best in this issue as caffeine encourage the flow of blood and reduce the shadowy effect around eye area by constricting the vessels. Eye Creams for dark circles may also contain optical brightener and coffee bean that will restore the radiance and reduce the puffiness under the eyes.

For Prevention: The lucky persons with negligible effect of aging and other issues of skin area around eye  have also required the eye creams for the prevention of aging signs and tackle with upcoming problems. Eye Creams for prevention is used to reduce the early symptom of aging around eyes. Eye Creams for prevention contains antioxidants and vitamin C and E with extract of lotus flower. These ingredients prevent the free radicals that may cause wrinkles later.

How to use Eye creams:

  1. Clean the area around eye with cleanser and wipe off any cosmetic.
  2. Read the instructions given on the label of eyes cream and try to follow that.
  3. Generally, you can apply the Eyes Cream with your finger.
  4. Take small penny size cream on ring finger and apply gently.
  5. The application of Eyes Cream will be in light and small strokes.
  6. You can apply the eye cream in dots around eye from inner corner to outer corner.
  7. Do not rub the cream instead, tap with fingers in patting motion gently by with eye cream can get absorbed into the skin.
  8. Then gently glide the finger along orbital bone for further absorption of eye cream into the skin.
  9. For puffiness reduction, press the eye cream with fingers around eye area. Do gently press the pressure points in this regard which is side temples of eyes

Do’s and don’t


  • Always apply the eye creams by patting or softly massaging on skin around the eyes.
  • Apply in small strokes and leave it on around the eyes for few minute for better result.
  • Allow the eye cream to get dried and absorbed into the skin before application of any cosmetic product so the makeup cannot appears as cake due to eye cream application.


  • Do not rub the eye cream harshly, as eyes has most delicate skin so you have to be careful while applying the eye cream.
  • Do not use and apply too much eye cream as the amount of eye cream do not increases it efficiency.
  • Do not apply all over the face. The brows line and under the eyes (about half inch) will be the only site of application for eye creams

Best Brands of Eye Creams Available in Pakistan for you:

Eyes are the most delicate part of the skin that get dried earlier as it have lowest oil producing glands due to which it can create many issues that are mention above. To solve these issues, eye creams play very important. The best featured brand should be selected for the sensitive and delicate part of the face. All the featured brands with the guarantee of originality and quality are available here from Amazon online shopping in Pakistan now. You just have to search the right eye cream for you and place your order and that skin care product will be at your door step.