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Best Lip Liners Available in Pakistan

lips linerLip liner is the classic cosmetic product for lips which outline the edges of lips to give defined shape. Lip liner keeps the lipstick inside the lip area while keep it smooth and contrasting. Lip Liners are comes in pencils which could be sharp for drawing clean lip outline. Lip Liners are available in different colors which can be chosen according to the lipstick shade. Lip Liners or lip Pencil colors vary from light peach, pink, and orange to bright red, plum, brown etc. Lip Liners are also available in nude colors to give natural lip color. Invisible Lip Liners are also found to give illusion of smooth lips without give any synthetic color to lips. Lip Liners are composed if oils, waxes and pigments similarly as lipsticks. The consistency and the dark pigments of Lip Liners make it most suited for precisely drawing the lips outline. And this is the only reason Lip Liners has more pigment and waxes and less oil content than the Lipstick. All the ingredients of Lip Liners are hypoallergic, paraben free, unscented, organic and natural.

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Best way to Apply:

  • Exfoliation is the integral part of lip makeup. Before applying anything on your lips, make sure that the lips are free from dead skin. Exfoliate with any balm or lip scrub.
  • Moisturize your lips with any moisturizing lip balm and let the balm be dry.
  • Apply the lip primer for last longer retention of your favorite shade.
  • Choose your Lip Liners color and make sure that the nip of the Lip Liner is sharp enough to draw the smooth outline.
  • You can start drawing your lip’s outline from center. Draw “X” on your cupid Bow and then draw your upper and lower corners of your lips.
  • Try to draw in light strokes; it will give precise result of lip’s outline.
  • Complete your look by simply applying the Lipstick or lip gloss inside your outlined lips.
  • Make sure your lip line is smooth and refine, if it is not, then use edge of cotton swab to refine the edges of lips. You can also apply foundation or concealer to give precise finish to your outline.
  • You can make your lips larger by Lip Liners. Conceal the lips with foundation or concealer then apply your desired shade on lips. Lip Liners should be one shade darker than your lipstick color but the corner of the natural lip outline remains the same in this method. Apply heavy coat of lipstick on center then blend lipstick and Lip Liners with lip brush. Similarly, you can make your lips smaller.

Benefits of lip liners

Lip Liners can define your lip’s shape; highlight the contours of lips to give fuller and precise look. Lip Liners make your lips larger or smaller according to your need. The darker color of Lip Liners gives the 3D plumping effect due to which lips appears fuller and plumper. The Lipsticks staying power increase while the Lip Liners applied on lips. Lip Liners prevents the lips from feathering and bleeding. You can apply Lip Liners simply without any coat of lipstick or lip gloss. The top brands of Lip liners, with all the desired features and colors are available through Amazon in Pakistan.

Tip for lip liners

  • Hold Lip Liners at 45˚ for drawing the outline of lips. The short and light stroke will be easier to draw on lips for clean defined lips.
  • You can move your chin up for better application of Lip Liners and to correct the angle to draw. This chin up view will give the 3D representation of lip’s outline which will help you to draw correctly.
  • For fuller appearance of lips, use darker shades of Lip Liners for outline, Cupid’s bow and on the middle of lips. Blend this darker Lip Liners with one shade lighter lipstick color.
  • The Nude shades also make your lips look fuller. Try to draw the Lip Liners on the border of lips for fuller lips.
  • If you want your lipstick stay for longer time, apply Lip Liners fully on lips, this will increase the staying power of lipsticks.
  • You can also apply the liner after lipsticks application. When Lipstick starts fading, Lip Liners can also fade away with it.
  • You can intensify your desired Lip shade by filling and drawing your lips with your chosen Lip Liners color. The more hardly Lip Liners applied the more intensify result it gave.
  • You can make a guideline for lip outline by drawing “X” on Cupid’s bow and a small line on center of lower lip.
  • Do not overdraw your natural lip outline as it may look fake and unnatural.
  • Do not use the sharpened and pointed pencil directly on lips, as it will gave intense stroke. You should start with light pointed Lip Liners.
  • Wipe and clean the nip of Lip Liners on every application as it may wipe the lipstick or lip gloss with it and ruin the original shade of it.
  • The Lip Liners with white tips are the indication of expiration. You should not use any Lip Liner or lip pencil if Lip Liner becomes white from the tip.
  • Use invisible or colorless Lip Liner, because it does not give harsh lines as other colored lip liner gives.

Top Brands of Lip Liners

All the featured brands of Lip liners are available at Amazon in Pakistan. The original and guaranteed quality lip liner products are now in your reach only on one click. Place your order for experiencing online shopping with Amazon.