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henna tattoo

Henna(حِنَّاء‎) Trend in Pakistan Fashion Industry

henna tattoo

Henna (حِنَّاء‎) is the natural dye which is made or extracted from the henna tree. The smell of henna is so refreshing and distinct that no woman can refuse to use this cosmetic product. Dried Henna tree leaves grinded in powder or paste, this process extracted the special dying element from henna leaves that is Lawsone. When henna is applied on hairs or skin or nail with Henna stencils, the Lawsone gets combine with the protein of the skin and leave the stain. Henna can be used on skin (hands and feet), hairs or nail. It can give the dark orange or red or maroon color. Color of henna depends on the time you allow it to dry and the type of henna product.

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Henna is available in different form; such as, henna powder, henna paste and henna tattoos. Henna Powder (Mehndi) is used on hairs. For preparing the henna add water, orange juice, rose water and castor oil in it and make the thick mixture with it. It should be left overnight for getting better result. After a night, apply it on your hairs with brush or with hands (covered with groves). Let the henna dry and leave it for 2-3 hours. Wash it with normal water and the desired color of henna is achieved.

Henna Paste is available in soft plastic cone bags. It is used to create designs on hands and feet. Drawing the trendy design is the job of professionals. The beginners or common woman apply the henna on palm by making a round as it is easy to draw. Fingertips can also be covered easily as dark maroon color fingertips are so trendy in eastern culture. Now days, detailed and thin designs of henna is trending. The simple delicate flowers with strands like delicate branches of leaves are so trendy in fashion. These designs are painted and drawn with cone of henna by experts. The special applicator of henna, henna in syringe, is also available for drawing the delicate detailed design on body.

Henna Tattoos are also available in Pakistan from Amazon e.g. Jagua henna kit etc. The one, who want a design of henna on hands but do not have the skills to draw it, should prefer to use the henna tattoos over cone or syringe henna. It is also available in metallic colors and various designs From Amazon Online Shopping in Pakistan. It has easy to apply and easy to remove technology. You can paste it on your hands, arms, feet, neck, even on your hairs. The can remove with baby oil.

Different Type of Henna:

Four different types of henna is available; such as, black henna, red henna, neutral henna and Natural henna.

Black Henna: For getting darker dye on skin or hairs, black henna can be used. Black henna contains para-phenylenediamine chemical that enhance the black color. It is too strong for skin and hairs. Black henna may cause allergy, scarring and sores. Although henna is a natural product of cosmetic but black dye make this product dangerous for sensitive skins so it is not preferred by the professional to apply it on your sensitive skin.

Red Henna: The best alternative of hair dye is red Henna. It is all natural in composition. The best thing in Red henna is the feeling of silky and thick hairs after application of it. The end result is reddish orange color of hair, the brightness and darkness of final color is depends on the original color of hair.

Natural Henna: The temporary dye for body art is natural henna. It can dye and condition the hairs. The end result of natural dye is dark brown color. It can leave shine and strength on hair. Henna tattoos also contain natural henna for getting brownish color on skin. The time and type of natural henna is the main factor which enhance the color of henna. Longer the natural henna stays, the darker the color you obtain.

Herbal Henna: The henna with all the medicinal properties is Herbal henna. This type of henna is used to treat hair problems. Herbal Henna prompts the hair strengthening, scalp nourishment, and increases the hair growth and give new life to hair. If you want the strong reddish brown colored hair with natural treatment, you should try this on your hairs.

Trends of Henna:

Henna is the compulsory cosmetic, or you can say it “jewelry”, for every event. Henna is the part of eastern culture and now it is becoming the trend in fashion industry to get the design on hands. Every event, either it is Eid for Muslims, Diwali for Hindu or the wedding ceremony, henna is most important girls preparation of these events. A day in any wedding is distinguished and defined for henna where every girl get design of henna on their hands. There is various type of design that is applied on hands or feet such as Arabic design, Indian design, simple filling of palms and fingertips etc. Now days decent and delicate design of henna is featuring in fashion industry, like apply henna design on fingers only (back of hand), a strand or branch of design goes from wrist and ended at one finger, small strokes like strands around nails etc. As this process of designing and getting desired color is too long, so tattoos are also available of henna to make it easy and simple for getting trendy design on hands. Amazon shopping in Pakistan providing all of these types of alternatives henna and natural henna in best brands.

Tips to get darker color on hands from Henna:

  1. Allow the Henna to get dried. Henna gets dried in half an hour.
  2. Let your henna be on your hand for longer period of time, as longer it stays, the darker color it gives.
  3. You can apply solution of sugar and lemon for getting darker color. Do not over sprinkle the solution; it will cause dripping of henna dye.
  4. Let your hands to get warmed by steam or blow-dryer.
  5. Do not the dried henna. Try to take off the henna with fingers by rubbing it.
  6. Avoid water usage and other chemical containing liquids such as dish soap, sanitizers, cleaning liquids, detergent solution etc.

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