Everything about Party Makeup for Beginners

Everything about Party Makeup for Beginners

Any party night is imperfect without the makeup. Whether girls are going out with friends or getting ready for party, they require the natural and glamorous party makeup look. Party Makeup is not as simple as it looks because there is numerous makeup products that are used in proper sequence to get the flawless makeup look for evening. If you are beginner and you are searching the party makeup tips, tricks, and secret for this season 2021, then you should read this blog. Party makeup includes lip makeup, eye makeup, and overall face makeup and you will find the ultimate instructions of how to do party makeup at home in Pakistan.

Essential Makeup Products You Must Have For Party Makeup

There are thousands of makeup products, makeup kit and makeup accessories for eyes, lips, face and body. Therefore, beginners mostly get confused that what product they should buy from online makeup shop in Pakistan. Here we have given brief list of essential makeup products for beginners.

  1. Makeup Primer: Primer prepares the face for the makeup by locking the moisture into skin. You can also use non-greasy moisturizer as primer.
  2. Concealers: Concealer camouflages the flaws and imperfections of skin so you can get the flawless makeup finish.
  3. Foundation or Base: The makeup foundation or base creates the even toned canvas on skin. Therefore, it is one of the basic and essential makeup products for everyone.
  4. Compact powder: Compact powder helps the base to be set on skin. If you have oily skin, then compact powder will be your ultimate makeup saver
  5. Face Contour kit: Contouring kit contains highlighter and bronzer, through which you can create the illusion of contoured features. It is professionally used but beginners can also use it for glamorous party makeup look.
  6. Blush: Party makeup for night function is incomplete without hint of blush on cheeks.
  7. Lipstick: Lipstick is another basic lip makeup essential that completes the party makeup. You should buy various lipstick shades for versatile makeup look.
  8. Lip-glosses: Lip Glosses are used as either the alternative of lipstick or companion of lipstick. You can buy matte lip-glosses or shiny lip-glosses from Amazon makeup shopping in Pakistan.
  9. Brow Pencil: Brow pencil actually reshapes the brows for classic eyes makeup look. Brow pomade, brow stamps, and brow gel can also be used in place of brow pencil.
  10. Eyeshades: Eye shadows are used to make eye catchy and dramatic. It also plays an important role in classic party makeup look.
  11. Eyeliner: Eyeliners, eye pencils, or kajal are used to highlight the shape of eyes and made eyes vivid and striking. It is available in various colors but professionals prefer to use jet-black eyeliner for party makeup.
  12. Mascara: Whether you have fixed fake eyelashes or you have natural eyelash, you can make it voluminous with best mascara, that you can buy from Amazon imported party makeup online shopping in Pakistan.
  13. Makeup Brushes and Tools: For professional finish makeup look, you should have the essential makeup brushes and tools. They includes, blending brush, blending sponge, blush brush, eye shadow brush, highlighter brush, foundation brush, liner brush, lip brush, contouring brushes, eyelash curler, etc.

How to Do Party Makeup At Home:

You can do self-makeup for party at home only by following the correct way and sequence of makeup products. If you want to learn party makeup step-by-step then here you are going to learn.

  • How to apply party makeup base:
  1. Wash and dries your face for beginning makeup.
  2. Prep the skin by applying moisturizer or makeup primer.
  3. Cover the acne scars, pimples, eye bags, dark circles or any flaw of your face with their corresponding correctors, which you can buy from Amazon online shopping in Pakistan.
  4. Apply the liquid foundation or base all over skin. Remember; always choose the party makeup base one tone lighter than your original skin tone.
  5. Pat the concealer on the dark spots, blemishes and dark circles to give the skin even tone
  6. Apply the sheer powder or compact powder for setting the makeup purpose.

Video on creating perfect base for party makeup

  • How to contour the face for party markup

Contour your face with bronzer and highlighter. It is recommended that always contour the face according to the shape of your face. For instance, if you have oval or round face, you should create the darker jaw line and cheekbone. Highlighter is usually applied on Nose Bridge and forehead, like T shape. You should also apply highlighter under the eyes and on chin to create counter illusion of bronzer.

Bronzer is dark in shade so you should apply and blend it in correct proportion. It is recommended to apply it on cheekbone fringe, forehead perimeters and jaw line. If you are fat nose then you can also apply it on the sides of nose to make the nose looks slimmer. Take the blender sponge and tap it over the bronzer strokes to blend it properly on skin.

The right way to contouring is given in below mentioned how to contour face video tutorial.

  • How to Do Party Eye Makeup:

Eye makeup plays an important role in winter party makeup. Here we are giving the party eye makeup tutorial step-by-step, so you can easily create the neutral eye makeup or Smokey eye makeup at home.

  1. Apply the eye concealer over the eyelid to cover the dark circle
  2. Apply the neutral brown eye shadow on the eyelid crease line to make it naturally creased. Always apply it on circular motion for preventing harsh lines. You can also apply the same color, lightly on the lower line for smooth and natural look.
  3. Apply the darker brown shade on the edge of eyes. It will make the eyes look bigger.
  4. For glamorous party eye makeup, it is recommended to pick the shiny and pigmented eyeshade and apply it on other side of eyelid. Use the pigmented eye shadow with water to make it fix on eyelid.
  5. Make the clear fringe of eyelid by applying the eyeliner along the line of eyelash. You can also create winged eyeliner via eyeliner stencil or stamp, available via Amazon makeup products online shopping in Pakistan.
  6. Apply kajal on lower water line to create the dramatic look of eyes.
  7. For making classic smokey eyes, you can apply the black eye shade over the corner edge of winged eyeliner and blend it in with eyeshade.
  8. Lastly, you can fix the best false eyelash and apply the mascara for giving ultimate striking eye makeup look for party.

  • How to Apply Lipstick:
  1. Create the lip line with a lip liner brush or lip pencil. Outline the cupid bow by making a cross on cupid bow. Similarly, apply the liner on the corners of lips directly from corner of mouth.
  2. After making the upper lips liner done, outline the lower lip with a same technique. Always apply it in symmetrical way so it looks professionally done.
  3. Fill the outlined lips with your lipstick or lip stain, or lip-gloss.
  4. Neaten up the lines by using the concealer. Apply the concealer or foundation on thin concealer brush and move it along the lip line.

Winter Party Makeup 2021 in Pakistan

Winter comes with the long series of parties, such as bonfire party, Bar B Q party, New Year party and Christmas parties. Therefore, girls want to make themselves look stunning in every evening. Here we are suggesting some trending looks of winter party makeup 2021, which you can create by using top branded makeup product bought through Amazon makeup online shopping in Pakistan.

  • Rosy cheeks and pink lips
  • Bronzed skin with winged eyeliner
  • Smokey eyes with dark blue eye shadow
  • Jumpy Smokey eyes look with matte lipstick
  • Colored eyeliner and nude lip color
  • Glittering eye shadow look
  • Coral pink lip color and thin lined eyes
  • Metallic eyeshade for dramatic 3D look
  • Dark Red lips

You can find some striking idea of winter party makeup look in below mentioned tutorial. Get your favorite look for winter party by following our given tips and tricks for party makeup in Pakistan.

Tips And Tricks For Self-Doing Party Makeup At Home In Pakistan:

You can improve your makeup look by doing some trick while doing party makeup at home. We have given some professionals and makeup artists’ given tricks and tips of party makeup.

  • Always buy the top rated brands of makeup products, as they have the better formula that cannot irritate the skin.
  • Choose the foundation, face powder, and concealer according to your face complexion. One tone lighter will work best for party makeup look.
  • Liquid foundation, contour kit and concealers are used for doing winter party makeup in Pakistan, as they have the moisturizing formula.
  • Always wash your face prior to makeup. Use the suitable and gentle cleanser for this purpose. If you have acne prone skin or oily skin type then it is better to apply the best skin toner all over the skin.
  • If you have too dry or sensitive skin then you should apply the moisturizer, oil based formula, which you can buy from Amazon skincare products shopping in Pakistan.
  • Makeup primer is the foremost step in doing party makeup but if you do not have one then you can use BB cream, CC cream or tinted moisturizer. The alternatives of makeup primer will work in almost the same way as the primer does.
  • To conceal the dark circles or dark spots, use the concealer. If you do not have the concealer or color corrector then you can use the two-tone light foundation as a concealer.
  • For natural eyeshade look, you can apply single colored matte finish eye shadow such as nude color, light pink color, light brown color, etc.
  • For clean wing liner, you can use the scorch tape. Paste it diagonally on sides of eyes and apply the eyeliner along it. You can also use the same technique for doing defined eye makeup for party night.
  • Scrub off the dead skin from lips and apply the lip balm before doing any makeup on lips.
  • You can reshape the lip shape by re-defining the lips with lip liner. To neaten the lip line, you can use concealer or foundation.
  • Do not apply the dark and shiny makeup for day party, as it seems appalling in day light. You can do bright makeup for night party, as it makes you look dramatic and eye-catching.
  • Always pair the best party makeup with hairstyle according to occasion. For instance, Hair Up dos with glamorous highlighting makeup for formal parties, and loose curly hair with Smokey eye makeup for casual parties.

Top Brands of Party Makeup Products in Pakistan:

The top-rated brands are usually used by the professionals, as they are hypoallergenic, versatile in variety and cruelty free. Those bestselling makeup products are also available as makeup sets and makeup palettes. Professionals have suggested the following brands of makeup for beginners.

Buy Original Brands of Makeup Products in Pakistan:

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