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Modern consumer of Pakistan and online shopping

images (2)People like to go on shopping as an exercise, as a hobby, like a scavenger hunt for good deals, but not everyone adoration to shop, yet everyone are told continually that they do. The joy to realize that each time you try for a gathering you have an entirely distinctive yet excellent clothing to wear, they love the attention they get from their social circle. Read More

Garments which make women happy?

article-2205669-138F875B000005DC-866_638x520Have you ever gone out and seen satisfied, pleased and happy women and you took the courtesy of asking them the reason for that? You will inevitably end up with an answer from most of them that they are wearing their best garments.  Read More

Are low quality products making us sick?

159954a8-e06f-40f2-bc48-bc8d278278ddRecalling the old proverb “Health is Wealth”. Health is directly dependent on the type of food you eat and the amount of nutrients present in it. The food we eat daily mainly consists of two major categories, high-quality foods, and low-quality foods. A food quality is the balance of nutrients in food. High-quality foods are rich in nutrients, unrefined and minimally processed whereas low-quality foods are highly processed refined and have less amount of nutrients. Read More

Why do I love Online Shopping?

I love online shopping! -[2]Online shopping, an increasing and uprising endeavor in today’s world! It has settled in the roots of the modern society where one needs to buy things at a possible ease. Getting things online, or rather your most desired products and accessories for people from all walks of life, is never to so easy. Read More

Latest fashion trends in Pakistan?

pakistani_fashion_trends_5Pakistan comprises of more than 32% youth of the age which fashion plays an enormous and significant role. With increasing fashion trends and prominent fashion designers, when combined with the tech savvy generation of Pakistan it gives birth new fashion trends increasingly seen in the market.

With the availability of a Smartphone in more than 80% of the youth, the youth keeps themselves updated in accordance with the new trends in the world’s market, Read More